How To Pick The Best Business Slogans, Product Slogans and Event Slogans.
How To Pick The Best Business Slogans, Product Slogans and Event Slogans.

How To Pick The Best Business Slogans, Product Slogans and Event Slogans.

Slogans, Headlines, Taglines, Catchphrases. They’re all cousins. Each involves using strategically chosen words to help motivate, inspire action and stamp an indelible tattoo in the mind of your target audience. Those few short words should express who you are and what you stand for. Coming up with an advertising slogan can be daunting so shedding some light on the subject can be a big help.

First, be aware that there are four basic kinds of marketing slogans. Picking the right category isn’t what’s critical though. The key is knowing how to generate the best marketing slogans within your chosen category. So here’s what to know about the each basic slogan type and how you can be successful with each one.

Type 1: The Descriptive Slogan – As the name implies, this approach describes what you do either vaguely or explicitly. Kashi Food’s "7 Whole Grains On A Mission" is a descriptive company slogan done right. It relays information but also makes it meaningful. By adding "On A Mission" Kashi almost seems like they’re consumer advocates. In contrast to Kashi, many small businesses use descriptive slogans that are generic and meaningless to the consumer. "Affordable water heater solutions since 1998" is forgettable. While giving less actual "information" than the slogan just mentioned, IHOP’s, "Come Hungry, Leave Happy" describes everything certain potential diners want to hear. It’s simple, memorable, clever and not just one of the most effective restaurant slogans out there, it’s also one of the most remembered company slogans in existence.

Type II: The Superiority Slogan – This is telling the world the one thing you do better than just about everyone else. BMW’s decades old company slogan "The Ultimate Driving Machine" is the perfect example. It’s a bold, confident claim that fits their brand well. Now, if Kia Motors called itself, "The Ultimate Driving Machine" would you believe it? No way. That’s why they’re currently going with, "The Power To Surprise." It’s a line that’s honest and positive without relying on superlatives. If you choose to go the superlative slogan route, make sure you can back it up. "You’ll Never Bite A Burger Better Than A Bubba" is used by a successful small, independent burger company, Bubba Burger. It works great for them. It has nice alliteration and boastfully describes a premium product. So if you have the shortest wait times, fastest acting product or highest customer satisfaction rating, this might be the ideal marketing slogan choice for you.

The Imperative Slogan – Nike’s "Just Do It" is perhaps the most famous, most effective imperative slogan (and overall advertising slogan) ever written. Imperative slogans urge you to take a step. They’re active not passive. The Army’s famous "Be All You Can Be" slogan was successfully used for years to convince young men and women to enlist. The key here is to make sure your imperative slogan is always focused on the benefit to the consumer and that the message is phrased in a way that will genuinely stick in consumers’ brains. That’s where a professional writer can help. If your slogan is "Just Buy Our Product Already, You Big Dummy" there’s not much hope it will work.

The Interrogative Slogan – This was a trend that started about a decade ago and still seems to be working really, really well. Interrogative advertising slogans pose an engaging or provocative question to be answered. And guess what? I know this will be a shocker. The answer to the question leads you straight to the company uttering the marketing slogan. Allstate’s "Are You In Good hands?" and one of the all-time great slogans, "Got Milk?" fall under this category. While "Got Milk?" really made this approach famous you won’t be nearly as successful taking such a direct an approach. Make sure the question you ask really does cause the target audience to reflect.

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to get started. Whether you choose to work with an ad agency, an individual freelance writer or an online-based slogan generating site like Slogan Slingers, choose the right words and big things will follow. Then you’ll be saying, "I’m lovin’ it." Hmmm. Someone should be using that as an advertising slogan!

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