Characteristics of a Controlling Personality: Warning Signs of a Controlling Person

Characteristics of a Controlling Personality: Warning Signs of a Controlling Person

Dealing with a controlling personality is a constant battle for superiority. With these types, you cant just face them head on or use control to combat control. But first and foremost, how do you know if a person possesses such a personality?

As luck would have it, the characteristics of a controlling personality are not that difficult to recognize. By distinguishing the characteristics of a controlling personality, youll be able to determine at once what kind of strategy you need to deal with such person.

Who knows? This article might even save you from a potential controlling relationship. So, pay attention. People with a controlling personality usually have/feel:

Drink and Substance Abuses

Im not saying that people with drink and substance abuse problems automatically have a controlling personality. With all the celebrities in this world who are sent to rehab or who are charged with DUI, most of them dont exactly have controlling personalities. However, excessive drinking and substance abuse have been proven to trigger or heighten controlling tendencies with people who already have issues with themselves.

Increased Sensitivity

One of the characteristics of a controlling personality is increased sensitivity. This means that a person is easily hurt by something that was said or done to him, that even the slightest bit of mishap might send him into a frenzied state.

Extreme Jealousy

Jealousy is a normal feeling. Extreme jealousy, on the other hand, is one of the dangerous characteristics of a controlling personality. A person with this controlling attitude wouldnt want your attention to be on someone or somewhere else. In some extreme cases, there were even reports about people taking lives due to their intense jealousy.

If you live with, or know anyone who has either of these characteristics, you must talk to them heart-to-heart and let them see the negative consequences of their behavior. You could also try to seek counseling or professional advice.

If all else fails, it might be a good decision to move on with your life without them.These factors might not be something out of the ordinary. You might have even had such inclinations in the past yourself.

What you must consider, first of all, is that the characteristics of a controlling personality are extreme or abnormal. So if you get a little jealous or sensitive from time to time, dont flip out. Its just one of those days for you.

For controlling personalities, however, its an everyday affair. Are you tired of your partner or anyone else controlling or criticizing you? Is he or she showing the warning

signs of a controlling spouse
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