Signs Your Crush Likes You: 5 Reliable Signs Your Crush Is Attracted To You

Signs Your Crush Likes You: 5 Reliable Signs Your Crush Is Attracted To You

You can never be too old or too young to have a crush on someone. I still remember my first crush back in grade school. Her name was Julie - pretty eyes and long, black hair. Back then, I sort of had an idea of how she felt about me as well. Thankfully, the signs your crush likes you havent really changed over the years. Yesterdays rules are still relevant today.

Of course, there are now additional signs your crush likes you back that youd be foolish to ignore. For example:

Sign # 1 Your Crush Likes You: He Or She Responds Positively.

Remember back in grade school when your friends would tease you about this girl or this guy? Unless you announced your crush to all your friends, chances are, the person being linked to you also likes you back.

Try observing your crush during the teasing. Is he/she blushing or is he/she brushing the whole thing off lightly? Your crushs response will enlighten you more.

Sign # 2 Your Crush Likes You: He Or She Entertains You.

Sure, your jokes can get a little corny every now and then, but one of the reliable signs your crush likes you back is when he or she laughs at them. You get plus points if that person initiates conversations with you.

Sign # 3 Your Crush Likes You: He Or She Does Something Nice For You.

A lot of people tend to get spooked when they hear you have a crush on them. Unless you have already resolved matters with your crush, or vowed not to let such feelings stand in the way of your friendship, he or she doing something for you counts as encouragement.

Sign # 4 Your Crush Likes You: He Or She Stays Close To You.

This is in relation to the sign above. Typically, a person who doesnt want to deal with any feelings of affection from you will spend less time hanging out with you. There will be moments of awkwardness and you will definitely feel the uncomfortable tension between the two of you.

But if your crush likes you, then he or she will stay close to you despite the teasing.

Sign # 5 Your Crush Likes You: He Or She Checks You Out.

Take a good look at how you two interact. You might not be the only one prone to googly eyes. One of the signs that your crush likes you is when he or she glances your way more than what is regular.

You can easily catch that person in the act. If you are in the same class, for example, you can pretend to listen to your teacher before looking his or her way unexpectedly. Those caught in the act will most likely shift their gaze elsewhere. Thats when you know something is up.

Having crushes is normal for any person and knowing that there are signs your crush likes you back brings more excitement to the experience. I say soak it all in and enjoy the attention. You never know. That simple crush could one day develop into something more.

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