How to Make a Guy Jealous - Tricks That Never Fail
How to Make a Guy Jealous - Tricks That Never Fail

How to Make a Guy Jealous - Tricks That Never Fail

Everything ought to be fair in both war and love. In the battlefield of love to make a guy jealous comes in just perfectly. It is a weapon that a woman can use to have any guy eating at his plate any time. You do not realize how important something is until it is taken away from you.

If you imagine that you are losing something to someone else, you will automatically panic. Guys are very jealous and you can use this to either get back with an ex-lover or make your boyfriend appreciate you more than he currently does.

To begin with, you cannot make a guy who has no feelings for you jealous. It is unheard off. If you have been dating a guy, it is evident he felt something for you. If it is someone new you can try things which can make a guy jealous. If he becomes green with it, then you can be sure he feels the same way too.

If he acts like you are doing nothing, you have got it all wrong. He does not have feelings for you.You make a guy jealous if you improve your life and act like he never existed. Be as active as it is possible and he will regret that he damped you.

Being busy and minding your own business means that you no longer have time for a guy. It shows that you are moving on with life. This inspires jealousy and he will want to be part of your life again. Even if he does not come back your life will be better of than it was. Let him hang himself if he want but flirt with other guys as much as possible especially in his presence.

Males are naturally competitive and so if one of the boys shows any interest in you even the least interested guy will begin noticing you. This will automatically get back into your target guy.Do not make it obvious that you are trying to make him jealous. If he has any clue that your intentions are to make a guy jealous your plan will have backfired.

If you want to make him just suspect, date other guys but do not keep on talking about them while you are with him. Seeing other men takes jealousy to another new level. If you have just been damped, do not cocoon in your house. Get out and see other people including guys. It helps you maintain your independence.

A new guy will try his best to have you under his arms if you are outgoing. Whatever kind of relationship you are in maintain guy friends. Go out with them once in a while but make sure your boyfriend knows about it. This will make your guy a little bit jealous or nervous which is in one way or another healthy in a relationship.

Being a little bit mysterious makes a guy jealous. Do not be too available for him since this loses some mystery. Do not answer all his calls but if you are interested call him back after some hours and do not be too open about what you were doing. If he wants you to help with a certain activity, you can pretend to be busy and suggest some other time.

It is a perfect way to make a guy jealous since he will be wondering what you will be doing and with who.Francis K. Githinji Is An Online Dating Expert. His Latest Project

Make A Guy Jealous

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Make A Guy Jealous