How to Forget an Ex Girlfriend - Get Her off Your Mind and Soul
How to Forget an Ex Girlfriend - Get Her off Your Mind and Soul

How to Forget an Ex Girlfriend - Get Her off Your Mind and Soul

Emotional relationship is always very painful when it ends. Be it a man or women both suffer when anyone of their partner call it quits and breaks apart. The situation becomes unbearable when there is great dependence towards the partner. The person who suffers the loss will be frustrated and depressed not knowing what to do and how to fill his life. The partner leaves a void in his life which he finds it very hard to fill. If this is the case then, how to forget an ex girl friend?

This seems like a million dollar question as the man who was totally dependant on the girl feels great pain and is totally lost. Lets try to analyze this situation a little deeper. So your girl friend left and isnt bothered about how you feel or what you do without her. But you feel unhappy, depressed and feel that your life stopped without her. Your whole world revolved around her and now it stopped.

The problem basically is with you as you are not able to cope with the situation you find yourself in. In fact no body can ever fill up the void in your life. You felt wonderful being with a woman as she filled up the neediness in you. So when you lose her you feel empty and unneeded.

Stop depending on others to make you feel good and happy. Happiness is in you rather than in women you date. Inner happiness is a strong media which helps balance your life in all situations. Dont expect others to approve you and stop looking for comfort in others or in a relationship. Control your life by controlling your thoughts and actions. Take charge of your life by turning away from things or people who dont need you or feel like being with you. When they dont need you, decide to shut them off from your life too.

You are more important than your ex and so take care of what you do and how you feel rather than think and act according to your ex. Rather than pondering on how to forget an ex girl friend? Think about how to get another girl friend? take life lightly dont be serious about what has already happened. Bring the affirmation into your mind that she is no more and try to shake yourself off her memory and start looking around for the best person yet to enter your life. Move on in life and dont rot and stale by sticking to your girl friends memories.

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