Winning Back an Ex Boyfriend - How To Steal Him Back From Another Girl
Winning Back an Ex Boyfriend - How To Steal Him Back From Another Girl

Winning Back an Ex Boyfriend - How To Steal Him Back From Another Girl

Did you lose your boyfriend to another girl? Has your ex started dating again before your broken relationship could be fixed? When your man has a new girlfriend, it makes getting back together that much tougher. If your boyfriend is already seeing someone else, here are the best ways to win him back.

* Mentally Accept His Relationship - Your romantic relationship with your ex has ended, and youll need to come to terms with this. More importantly, youll also need to accept that hes now in a new relationship. Until you rationalize these things in your own mind, your ex is going to run in the other direction every time he sees or hears from you. To protect his new love interest hes going to try to steer clear of the jealous and uncertain vibes you may be giving off whenever youre around him. You cannot win him back until you

make your ex want you again

. And this wont happen at all until youve let him know youre okay with his new dating situation.

* Ignore Your Impulses - When you first learn that your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else, your initial feelings will be frustration and disappointment. You may even feel rage, as well. Youll want to tell him shes bad for him, and youll start coming up with a thousand reasons why. Youll grab the phone, send him an email, and immediately start running down a full list of reasons why this girl is bad for him... plus another equally long list of why the two of you should still be together. This is a great way to let him see the big picture, right?

Wrong. This is a really bad move. In fact, this is one of the worst things you can do right now. Your ex is in the happy and fun newlywed stages of his relationship with this other girl. By telling him you loathe her, youre putting him on the defensive immediately. By telling him you love him, youre scaring him a little, as well as coming off as desperate. As tough as it may be, youve got to suck it up and avoid making these mistakes at all costs. If you want to win back your boyfriend, every move you make must be carefully considered. Youll also need to be patient, as much as you want to act immediately to get her away from him.

* Drop Out Of Sight - Among the most common mistakes women make when trying to get back an ex boyfriend, always being around is the primary one. Your ex will not miss you if youre always around. Winning back your ex requires you to become completely invisible, as much as it hurts, for a pretty long while. Console yourself knowing theres not much you can do to change the situation anyway, at least right now. Break contact, ex boyfriend reconciliation tactics require this for now. Your best advice is to keep busy with your own interests, see your friends, and try to have a great time without your exboyfriend.

While all of this is going on, your ex will be very curious as to where you went. Hell wonder why youre not trying to call or contact him, and hell start wondering whether or not youve moved on. This makes him nervous, because every guy who breaks up with a girl always likes to leave the door to the relationship secretly open, even just a crack, just in case he wants to get back together with her. No man will ever close this door fully, and this is good for you. Why? Because you can use this fact to your advantage while trying to get him back.

* Re-Establish Friendship & Trust - When some time has passed, you and your ex will reconnect on some level. If you did everything right, theres a good chance hell probably even call you. Be entirely supportive of his new relationship. No matter what happens, dont say a single bad thing about this girl hes dating. Let your ex talk about her, and eventually youll get to hear his likes and dislikes, as well as problems and issues he may have with her.

Providing a neutral sounding board for him to air his feelings will make your ex confide in you again. Every time he fights with his new girlfriend, youll become the go-to person for instant advice. Hell begin to trust you and your judgment. Youre actually gaining ground here, and getting close once again to your ex boyfriend. Although its just at a friendship level, for now this is important. When youre finally in the best position possible, there are moves you can make to transition back into dating him again. Such moves are tricky, but if you pull them off correctly, youll get back together before you know it.

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