Can I Still Get My Ex Back If Hes Met Someone Else?

Can I Still Get My Ex Back If Hes Met Someone Else?

Can I Still Get My Ex Back If Hes Met Someone Else?

Its a question on every brokenhearted womans mind...what if he meets somebody else? What then? Can I still get him back, or is it too late? Well, chances are good its not too late, and heres how you can get him back.

First of all, him seeing other people isnt the end of the world. It means hes trying to cope, and thats what you should be doing too. Often, the rebound relationship is great for realizing what you left behind, so it can actually be a good thing that hes dating again.

Its NOT an immediate shutdown of all your chances to discover that your ex with with another person. Granted, depending on the seriousness of the new relationship you may want to change your outlook on it. Sometimes you have to just be happy that the one you love is happy and accept that its possible you two werent meant to be...but dont give up prematurely, the odds are very good that unless your ex is VERY serious with another woman, you still have a shot.

You cant win this by have to be subtle. You cant sabotage his relationship, you can only make yourself more appealing to him. Thats not just physical, either...if he dumped you, its because of any number of reasons...most of which fall to you to discover and fix if you want him back.

So for now, dont fret so much if hes seeing other people. It means hes looking for companionship...and you still have a chance to be that companion again. You just have to win him back!

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