How To Build Muscles Fast - Powerlifting Routines

How To Build Muscles Fast - Powerlifting Routines

Powerlifting in weight lifting is a technique thats more advanced than conventional weight training. When you view powerlifting competitions, youll know that it consists of one-rep with three tries for bench press, deadlift and squats.

Why Powerlifting

Why would you want to consider powerlifting in lieu of other workout methods? If you need a way to build your muscles up fast, then youll want to use the powerlifting method. Powerlifting helps to make you stronger quicker than other methods. This is important because strength is necessary before gaining big muscles. Why?

If bodybuilders were to gain muscles fast without strength on their side, they could do about 200 pounds without injuring themselves. When they powerlift, they eliminate this problem, get strong and then worry with getting muscles.

Before you attempt to do any powerlifting routines, you need to know three very important things. Without this knowledge, you could wind up hurt temporarily or permanently.

Tip 1 - Doctors Approval

Before beginning any kind of exercise or weight lifting routine such as powerlifting, get your doctors approval. Getting his/her approval for this routine is imperative due to the expectations of quick lifting and a controlled letdown of weights. Its vital that your doctor performs a physical to ensure that the following body parts can handle the stress you will place under the routine. They include the back, shoulders, knees and other joints. Its also important for the doctor to determine there are no cardiovascular problems or blood pressure issues that could prevent you from doing any powerlifting.

Tip 2 - To Compete or Not Compete

Are you planning to do any powerlifting competitions? If you said yes, youll need to make some gear investments. What kind of powerlifting gear do you need to purchase? Youll need:

- Knee wraps
- Bench press shirt
- Chalk
- Heavy powerlifters belt (be sure that this is a sturdy belt)
- Wrist wraps
- Squat suit.

There are many other items you will need so ask around or purchase the Powerlifting USA magazine to be sure that you have it all before going into competitions.

Tip 3 - Combine Other Exercises With Powerlifting Exercises

You dont want to just stick with powerlifting exercises (deadlift, bench and squats) so be sure to incorporate other exercises to supplement them. These other exercises should help to boost your strength with the powerlifting exercises. What kinds of supplemental exercises should you do? Consider the following:

- Board press
- Box squats
- Elastic bands (be sure that these are heavy duty)
- Floor press

Since many people are unaware of how to do these exercises, seek trained outside help on this matter. You want a trainer whos been doing powerlifting for some time and can teach you how to do this.

Along with your powerlifting routine, be sure you diet properly, stretch and do cardiovascular workouts. Before you know it, youll have built up your muscle mass.
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