Putting Together Basement Bathroom Plans

Putting Together Basement Bathroom Plans

If youre thinking about adding a bathroom to your basement, there are a few things youll need to think about. Without the right plans, you may have trouble getting the room put together and all fixtures correctly installed. Fortunately, all you need to do is think ahead and pay attention to what you can do and what you expect out of your new room. Basement bathroom plans may seem complex, but they dont have to be. Here are a few things to think about when youre deciding how to put your bathroom together.

Will you be adding a full bath or half bath? This will make a big difference in the amount of space you need and how you finish the room. A shower or tub will improve your basement bathrooms functionality, but itll also take up more space and be more difficult to install. Remember to think about whether or not your basement is comfortable for bathing - many below ground spaces feel cold, and arent a pleasant place to shower. If you want to include a shower or bath in a chilly basement, you may need to invest in heating.

Youll also have to think about the type of toilet youll be using in your basement bathroom plans. An above floor plumbing system with a macerator is one method thats relatively easy and requires no digging up of the floor. The down side of this type is that its more costly. Sewage ejectors are also used to remove waste water from a basement bathroom. These are less expensive, but may require you to excavate space in the floor. Decide which is best, based on your needs, budget, and what you expect out of your bathroom.

Youre going to need to think about the size of fixtures and the amount of space needed to comfortably move around in the basement bathroom. Before settling on the fixtures and spaces youre thinking about in your basement bathroom plans, you may want to snap chalk lines in the area youd like to use and see if it looks like you have enough space. After all, no one wants to create a basement space thats cramped and claustrophobic.

To prevent that cave like feeling thats common in basement rooms, lighting and mirrors are a good choice. You can install ambient lighting and use wall mirrors to make the space in your basement bathroom seem much larger. Just dont use lights that are too bright or badly positioned - glare and too much light arent any more pleasant than too little. You want your basement bathroom to feel inviting and pleasant to be in. Your plans should reflect that fact. Basement bathroom plans shouldnt just stop at the fixtures and plumbing - include paint, flooring, and other finishing features to help you create the perfect room.

If you spend a little time thinking and researching, your basement bathroom plans will be accurate and youll have no trouble coming in under budget. Youll get a great new addition to your home that gives you more value and functionality, making the basement a pleasant place to be. Many people want to add to their useful basement space, and a bathroom installation is the perfect way to do it. Get started planning your new basement bathroom today.

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