How I cured my Anxiety

How I cured my Anxiety

Our born desire is to be happy, and when we move away from it, we experience fear.

Fear stems right back from when humans were first created/formed (lets leave religion out of this one). Humans are pre programmed to experience fear.

If we came face to face with a lion on our way to work (example, lol) fear would cause us to react and seek safety. Without fear we would ignore the lion, thinking its safe, and get killed.
We think, "Will I be able to pick up my daughter from school on time?" or "Will I have enough money to go shopping tomorrow?" or "Will my daughter continue with her swimming after her broken leg?" or "Is my wife going to leave after the argument we had last night?"

These sort of questions help prepare our brains for possible danger.

Anxiety is when we think to much, and usually make a normal situation a dangerous one.

Anxiety does nothing to help us make the future any better. It weakens and exhausts the body so much that we often feel ill for a long time afterwards. Most anxiety sufferers worry about what they cannot control. Over worrying about starting a new job will not make your first day any better, it will make the day worse. In the worst case, it will make you not want to start the job and thus you lose an income.
Whilst there is no proof anxiety causes any damage to our bodies, if your think about it, its not doing the body any good. Its putting strain on the heart, and muscles in the body. A panic attack, whether it be big or small will make you tense, even if you dont realize it.

When anxiety--a fear of an event in the future--is high enough then you feel a deep sense of helplessness. This, in turn, translates into depression. You even begin to view the past as disappointing.

When you start to think of yourself and your life as helpless you start to create a pattern of emotions that lead to other mood disorders. You can even start to believe you have another illness or disorder - even though you dont.

How do we run from this vicious cycle?

Here is what I did 20 years ago and I have never since suffered from any serious mood disorder.

I would become very aware of my mood swings and anxiety. I became aware of my body, to the point where I thought I had cancer, a heart attack, liver failure, lung cancer and other things. I was living in a constant nightmare.

An amazing thing happened when I made my unconscious behavior conscious. I could not take my mood shifts seriously.

This is what I seen from that experience: when you are able to watch yourself over the course of a several days, you grow a curious detachment.

A paradoxical situation developed for me: I found it hard to stay worried and down when I was observing myself feeling anxious and depressed.

Ultimately, anxiety and depression are culturally-induced patterns of thinking that can be overcome through a deliberate cultivation of awareness. When you become your own observer, you weed out the unconscious habits that afflict you.
Billions of dollars are invested in developing drugs to cure anxiety, but drugs will never be the cure. Living the rest of your life on medication is not fun. There is a way out and the cure is pretty simple once you learn.

I studied everything I know from a book called Panic Away. Its in all likelihood the only book in the world that goes into extreme detail about anxiety and how to cure it. The best thing for me was I was able to stop taking the medication from my doctor and continue on a normal life.

I have to give this book a lot of credit, because without it I would still be stuck in the same whole. My doctor was so amazed with my progression that hes actually using my case as a case study for other patients. I wish somebody had told me about this book a long time ago. Check out the book.