Sleep Panic Attacks - Cure Panic Attacks in the Night?

Sleep Panic Attacks - Cure Panic Attacks in the Night?

A lot of people suffering panic attacks have trouble sleeping in the night. It is estimated that about 40% of people experiencing panic disorders experience panic attacks in the night. Lack of sleep can place severe stress on the normal functioning of the mind and body. It can place severe stress on a person and lead to various disorders.

It is common for sleep panic attack sufferers to dread going to sleep as they fear the coming of panic attacks. They normally suffer sleeplessness and take to various medications and anti depressants including Valium, Xanax etc. Unfortunately, this is not a treatment in the right direction if you are to win the war over your panic attacks forever.

Medications, whether taken on prescription or over the counter, will have terrible side effects and it is addictive. Over time it makes a panic disorder sufferer wonder if more anxiety is caused by the drug or by the panic attack itself.

Sleep panic attacks occur during the early stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and hence it is not triggered by dream as dreams occur in much later stage of REM. Night panic attack sufferers also experience daytime drowsiness, insomnia, poor concentration at work etc.

To cure sleep panic attacks, you need to make peace with yourself. Most of the panic is caused by a possible imagined occurrence of a panic attack in future and hence they dread to sleep. Once you accept the fact that it is alright to have a panic attack in the night, you can be at peace with the situation and face the panic attack head on instead of shying away from it. Facing the panic attack in its tracks is the only way to get rid of panic attacks forever.

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