Hard Disk Doesnât Spin Up

Hard Disk Doesnât Spin Up

A hard disk is comprised of several disk-shaped platters that rotate rapidly mounted on a shaft. These platters are magnetically coated with a similar material that is used magnetic recording tape. If not exposed to external conditions like temperature, water, vibrations etc, hard disk can remain functional for a long time. However, if it already suffers manufacturing faults, hard disk may crash unexpectedly. Hard disk contains a set of moving parts and thats why, it has high odds to get wear out. In all such cases, Hard Drive Data Recovery experts come to rescue. They can extract lost information from such physically damaged hard drives using advanced tools and procedures.

Consider a situation, you power on the system and hard disk fails to spin up. Possible reasons could be:

Spindle motor is crashed: Hard disk spindle motor provides power to platters so that they may spin up. They allow them to rotate. It can get crashed if hard disk suffers high intensity shocks. A hard disk with crashed pindle motor cant spin up. It can also happen if shaft is damaged or twisted

Head crash: Read/write head is the moving component that is responsible for accessing data from  hard drive recovery software . It floats at micrometer distance from platters surface. If one or more heads get crashed over this surface, they may prevent platters to spin up.

Logic board is damaged: Logic board is the circuitry that controls all hard disk internals. Due to short circuits and unexpected power failure, it may get damaged. In such cases, hard disk doesnt get power and fails to spin up.

If you observe that hard drive is not spinning up, verify that power cable is properly attached and is in good condition first. If you find it correct, then probably your hard disk is physically damaged. You need to turn off the system immediately and use anti-static and shock-proof material to pack it and send to a  hard drive recovery  service center. In this recovery service, experts deal with physically failed hard drive to extract lost data. Hard Drive Data Recovery experts follow some standard and advanced recovery techniques, like replacing or repairing damaged internals, displacing misaligned platters etc.

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