Good communication and team work

Good communication and team work

People cannot not communicate... the fact is that the way one communicates reflects ones innermost self, ones skills, ones confidence.

The ability to communicate:

Has a direct bearing on ones friendships, promotion, pay raises, responsibilities, career paths.

It directly affects the level of support and help one receives from others. This is where good communication and team work go hand-in-hand.

Determines how well one gathers and gives information, ideas and feelings.

It decides how well one solves their problems, makes decisions, reach agreements and resolve disagreements.

70% of mistakes at the workplace are a direct result of poor communications.

The communication impact:

7% Verbal

38% Tone of Voice

55% Body Language

... These abovementioned aspects help the receiver interpret and understand the meaning of what is being communicated in a team and otherwise.

The way one begins to transfer their message determines the outcome of the communication process

Thus, one needs to prepare, think carefully how, when and where to deliver. Given here are important pointers to keep in mind to understand what effective communications is all about, especially when team workings come into play...

The way a message is delivered always affects the way it is received.

How one says something is more important than what one actually says.

The real communication is the message received and not the message intended to be delivered.

Find out how important it is to the other person, how much they already know and what their previous experience was.

Communication is a two-way lane - There is giving and receiving.

Good and free communication in a team or between two people is therapeutic.

The barriers that occur in communicating with others:

Obstacles within the self: One tends to screen information and messages, thereby limiting ones understanding and communication ability.

Self beliefs, mindsets, etc., that limit one from seeing the larger picture of life.

People do not talk to each other, but to the images they have about each other.

Physical barriers like noise, etc., make concentration on what is being communicated rather difficult.

The compatibility between the communicators tend to make it uncomfortable, awkward to communicate.

Tendency to evaluate and judge - approve or disapprove others statement.

Gateways to effective team communications:

Listening with understanding.

One needs to empathize with the speaker.

Aim to achieve the speakers his frame of reference in regard to what he/she is speaking about.

Good communication skills

is required to grow in any business or profession. If you want to improve your communication skills you need to read more of


books or

short stories

on communication.