The Different Types of Dog Kennel Flooring

The Different Types of Dog Kennel Flooring

The benefits of having quality dog kennel flooring are quite obvious. Its doubtful that any single dog owner hasnt experienced at some point the messy inconvenience of having to clean up the mud and dirt that your dog drags in from the backyard or portable kennel, but it doesnt have to be that way anymore.

Its important to choose the right kind of flooring for both the comfort of your dog and also to minimize mess getting tracked into your house as well.One product on the market, "Instant Kennel Floor", a 100% synthetic self-draining material to keep your dog clean and happy is a good choice for dog owners with an outside kennel in their backyard.

How this product works is that as liquids are being introduced into the material, they soak right through and are not absorbed like a sponge by regular concrete flooring which is a breeding ground for various bacteria and molds.

It is also convenient to move around whenever you chose, limiting the physical strain involved in moving other kennel flooring.Much like the previous dog kennel flooring option, plain old wood is another good choice for dog kennel owners. It too is absorbent of liquids and odors.

Should your dog soil the flooring material inside the kennel, its not a problem because of the absorbent nature of wood, keeping away any stains or odors that might be a problem with other flooring choices.

If you do indeed choose a wood surface for your dog kennel, youll want to read the simple following steps to remove any urine or feces your dog may get on the material:-In a bucket mix of solution of soap and water, cleaning thoroughly the affected area.-Mop the area thoroughly to remove any traces of soap.-Dry with an old cloth or rag.-Spray on enzyme inhibitor onto a dry rag and wipe the area clean."Rubber Sheet" flooring is another option to consider when picking out the right dog kennel flooring to fit your personal wants and needs as well as your dogs.

Sheet Rubber is a very "intelligent" kind of material that is not only durable and lasts a great number of years, but also feels incredibly comfortable to your pet as well. Its very important to select flooring that will make your dog feel comfortable and also meet your needs of odor and stain resistance, as well as a material which will cause the least amount of mess when your dog treks back into the house.

Similar to the other flooring materials, rubber sheets are extremely easy to clean messes out of, using only a simple method of water and a rag or mop. Rubber Sheets have become increasingly popular in the dog kennel flooring market and will continue to grow as the "smart material" keeps getting smarter and smarter.

No matter what youre choice for dog kennel flooring, make sure its a material your dog will feel comfortable on; after all, its where hell be spending much of his time and should feel as good as possible on. Scott Byers is the owner of

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