Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

Were you trying to get back together with your exgirlfriend, but now shes dating someone else? While things might look hopeless at this point, its still foolish to give up on someone you love. Even if your ex is already seeing someone, there are some very tricky ways of winning back your girlfriend. The following methods will help get you started.

So your ex broke up with you... then began dating someone else before you had the chance to patch things up. It happens to everyone at one time or another, so the first thing to realize is that youre not alone. Instead of being discouraged, one good thing about the whole situation is that shes probably on the rebound. If she moved on before fully getting over you, it might be easier to get her back than you think. To get back together with your ex, youll need to get her to want you again. The process of winning her from someone else takes a lot of patience, but if youre in it for the long haul there are some definite moves that will put her back into your arms.

So how do you get your ex back when shes with another man? You concentrate on the following things, in the following order:

Let Her New Relationship Happen - The first step is also the one most guys get stuck on: dont resist the rebound. When your ex first starts dating a new guy, everything in her life will be completely awesome. Theres absolutely nothing you can do, and certainly nothing you can say to convince her otherwise: shes not going to leave her new boyfriend during the honeymoon stages of her new relationship.

In actuality, the more you try to resist her new relationship the tougher it will be to get her back. You cant fight against something you cant beat. As hard as it may be, youve got to man up and take it. Wait it out, bide your time, and know that sometime in the future shes going to dump this guy and get back together with you. Youll just have to give her new relationship a cooling off period.

Accept Your Breakup... And Her New Boyfriend - When your girlfriend begins dating again, shes going to watch you carefully for a reaction. Shell expect jealousy, and shell expect you to try and talk her out of seeing this new guy. How you take this news is actually one of the most important aspects of winning her back. Fighting her new relationship will do a lot of damage to your chances of dating her again, and shell feel vindicated if youre unhappy that shes moved on.

Instead, smile and wish your exgirlfriend the best. By showing no jealousy, your ex is going to be amazed. Shes expecting to see you upset and bitter, because she wants to think that losing her should have a negative impact on you. Shell also expect you to talk her out of dating anyone else. By doing none of these things, youve totally confused her. Youre reacting exactly the opposite of what she thought you would - she was prepared for a fight and got no resistance. Turning your ex around is easy: you do the reverse of whatever shes expecting.

Dont Say a Single Bad Thing About Her New Man - Tough, but doable. This guy could be the worst piece of scum on the Earth, but even so, theres no way you should utter a single bad word about him. Your next move involves establishing trust and friendship with your exgirlfriend again, and theres no way you can do that if youre bashing her new boyfriend. You want her to trust and confide in you, which wont happen if youre constantly urging her to drop him. You dont have to sing his praises, but you do have to stay neutral. Let her talk about him, bad or good. By being her sounding board, shell start to feel comfortable talking around you about anything and everything.

Establish Trust, Then Take a Step Back - Once you and your ex begin communicating again, youll be privy to a lot of juicy information. Store it away for later on; youll need it during the phase where you can transition from friendship back to romance. For now, get her to trust you and then take a few steps back. By slowly removing yourself from her life again, shell start wondering where youre going. Just as shes beginning to depend on you again (this time at a friendship level) youre launching a life of your own - one without her in it. This will panic her a bit, because she was just getting used to having you around.

This is the point at which your ex has to face losing you, maybe even for good. Up until now she hasnt had to consider this: shes had the best of both worlds. But now, youre slipping away... and shes left alone with her new boyfriend, in a relationship that the glow has finally worn off of. Your goal here should be making her choose between keeping you in her life or staying together with her new boyfriend. Whos the safer and more comfortable choice? That all depends on how well you did, up until this point. But one big thing youve got going for you? Your long history together. Use it to your advantage... its something youve got that the other guy doesnt.

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