Free Fried Cuban Sweet Plantains Recipe

Free Fried Cuban Sweet Plantains Recipe

If you crave delicious appetizers, like tapas, and you love Cuban Cooking, then let me show you a delicacy that is one of the most well know known and delicious Cuban Tapas in the World. This is a dish that you can easily make in the comfort of your own home.

You really need to check this out. This Free Fried Sweet Plantains Recipe will show you the exact ingredients you need to combine to make this dish in your home. This Tropical Plant Fruit looks much like a banana but once cooked tastes a lot different. When the plantain is ripe it turns dark and soft. When fried the end result is a yellow sweet side dish or appetizer. The plantains are peeled and cut on a bias prior to frying. Here is how to make these Sweet Plantains. You will peel the ripe plantains and then cut them about a half an inch thick. Fry them in oil until the bananas turn a dark caramel color.

Remove from the oil, set them on a paper towel and allow them to dry. Serve the Cuban fried bananas hot. The plantains are often served as an after meal tapa also. It is delicious with ice cream. It is a great treat when combined with chocolate sauce. Not many dishes are as versatile as this one. Another great option you can try is combining the plantains with other Cuban dishes like black beans and rice. The sweet taste combines well with the spicy mojo flavor of many Cuban dishes.

The delicious Fried fruit idea will serve 8-10 and is an excellent dish for a family gathering or holiday. Your family will not be able to get enough of them so make plenty. They can be prepped ahead of time and frozen until you are ready to fry them up. If you want the details of this recipe along with many other great recipes visit!To learn more about this Free Cuban Fried Sweet Plantains Recipe visit! Visit Free Fried Cuban Sweet Plantains Recipe.