Ideas For Bridal Shower Food
Ideas For Bridal Shower Food

Ideas For Bridal Shower Food

Choosing the food for the bridal shower can be one of the most difficult parts of planning it. You need to be sure of so many things. You have to make sure that you would have items on the menu that would suit the bride. You also need to be sure that you dont have any items on the menu that are highly allergenic, or, conversely, that you dont have any guests with food allergies that you need catered. Despite all of these concerns, though, the food is one of the most exciting parts of the bridal shower.

One great food idea is to hold a Sunday brunch type wedding shower. There are so many foods that you can serve to fit with this theme. Moreover, it will have an informal feel, yet the guests will be able to eat as if they are having a meal. Consider serving fresh bread products like bagels and muffins. You will also want to include a selection of fresh fruits and even a fruit salad. Quiche fit really well with a brunch menu. Increasingly, people have been serving tiny bite sized quiche, which works well at a wedding shower. For beverages, you will probably want to have the standard orange juice, coffee, and milk on hand. If you wish, though, you could also serve drinks like a Bloody Mary or champagne punch. Good deserts with this menu would be chocolate covered strawberries or lemon squares. Try to stick to something fruit based.

If you intend to serve an evening meal at a wedding shower, you will want to do something easy. As the food is cooking, you will probably want to be mingling with your guests. To aid you in this endeavor, consider something that you can make ahead of time and throw in the oven at the last minute. A casserole of some type works best for this. Lasagna is always a good choice. Your side dishes should be equally as uncomplicated. You might want to serve a salad. Again, this works well because you can simply make it before the guests arrive, throw it in the fridge, and get it back out again in time to eat.

If you dont want to do a casserole, but you do want something that will still allow you to mingle with your guests, consider having a grilled or smoked meat dish. This is something that you can tend to on a more occasional basis, and it makes for a beautiful dish to serve to the guests as you bring it in to place on each plate.

If some of your guests are vegetarians, you will need to be sure to provide options for them on your menu. If you are going with a casserole and a salad, it might be a good idea to make a vegetarian casserole as well. There are a number of great vegetarian and vegan recipes on the internet that you might find very helpful for this purpose.

The traditional dessert to serve at a wedding shower is cake. However, this may not fit with your menu. If it does not, dont worry about it. Wedding showers, like weddings, are becoming less traditional everyday. Consider serving a dessert buffet with many different desserts on it. You could also find out what the brides favorite dessert is and serve that instead of cake. If you think you must serve cake, serve it in addition to other choices like spiced fruit pies. You might even try a dessert based shower as a theme. Serve chocolate desserts with strawberries. You might even considering renting a chocolate fountain as a centerpiece for this food idea.

The classic wedding shower food idea is the appetizer buffet. With this idea, you want to fill your table with light bites for your guests to consume. Things like cheese and crackers, mini muffins, and dips work very well for this purpose. This also works great if you dont have a table for everyone to sit down and eat at.

Choosing the perfect food for the bridal shower may be a difficult thing to do, but it can also set the perfect wedding shower mood for your guests.

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