Electro flex circulation booster – Relief from pain and fatigue

Electro flex circulation booster – Relief from pain and fatigue

The electro flex circulation booster is an all in one device that provides instant relief from pain and also improves your blood circulation. It uses a technology called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (T.E.N.S); this is clinically proven to improve blood circulation. This blood circulator also stimulates the various pressure points in your feet that help provide relief from any leg aches or swelling. The results are effective and each session, using the electro flex circulation booster, lasts for around 25 minutes. This is a compact device that can help you massage your feet in the comfort of your own home, or also at work.

How the Electro Flex Circulation Massager works

The transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation technology used by this device is a safe and non-invasive method that not only alleviates acute pain but also chronic pain. The efficacy and the safety profile of this technology is so good that it has prompted health professionals to prescribe T.E.N.S treatment for a range of conditions and complaints. All you need to do is to just plug in the device and choose the program; leave everything else to the device. Once the device starts, it emits low frequency electro-waves. This stable and safe flow of electro-waves help to stimulate the muscles, nerves, capillaries, reflex zones and the various acupuncture points; this helps your body to relax. At the same time the action of the device also boosts blood circulation to your legs and also helps stimulate the natural healing powers of your body.

The benefits of the Electro Flex Circulation Massager

The use of the Electro Flex Circulation Massager has a range of benefits. Its specifically designed to improve your blood circulation and blood flow of your lower body especially to your feet and lower limbs. The improved blood flow and circulation helps your cells retain their essential nutrients as well as increase their oxygen levels. This helps your cells function to their full capacity. The Electro Flex Circulation Massagers effect on your cells helps your body cope with a variety of conditions including sleeping disorders, joint pains, diabetes, stress, fatigue, fluid retention, arthritis, fibromyalgia, mobility problems and D.V.T.

The definitive circulation booster

The fact that the Electro Flex Circulation Massager can also be used by diabetics means that the safety standards of this device cannot be questioned. Diabetics can use the Electro Flex Circulation Booster to improve their poor circulation. This is one of the more debilitating symptoms of diabetes. Also, the Electro Flex Circulation Booster comes with 4 gel pads that help to stimulate your muscles. This helps you target specific regions in your body like your stomach, arms, back, legs etc. that may be the source of your pain. These gel pads stimulate your muscles providing you relief from pain.

Precautions to be noted

Though this device is safe for use on most occasions and can be used by almost everybody, however there are a few precautions that you must maintain. The Electro Flex Circulation Booster shouldnt be used by pregnant women. The device should also not be used by people who have a history of heart problems or who use a pace maker. Also, it is not meant for people who have been diagnosed with epilepsy and its use should be avoided during menstruation. The stimulation pads available with this device should not be used on areas of your body that are inflamed, swollen or infected. Additionally, before you begin using the Electro Flex Circulation Booster, its important that you go through the instructions thoroughly.

The circulation boosting treatment of this device lasts for around 25 minutes. You can keep track of the time using the LED countdown timer that is a part of the device.