4 Facts about Tubal Ligation Side Effects
4 Facts about Tubal Ligation Side Effects

4 Facts about Tubal Ligation Side Effects

1. Menstrual Problems: Many younger women who have had tubal ligation surgery have issues with their menstrual cycle afterwards. These problems may be caused by improper blood flow to the ovaries after the surgery. Sometimes blood vessels get "nicked" during the surgery. These problems can be very inconvenient - even painful. Many women who experience this type of problem end up considering a tubal reversal.

2. Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome: A number of women who undergo tubal ligation surgery experience this condition. This condition can cause ovarian isolation, hormonal imbalance, and severe PMS as well as a whole host of other symptoms. If you already have issues with PMS or your menstrual cycle and are considering tubal ligation surgery, you should be aware that there is a risk that these conditions could worsen.

3. Blocked Tubes: This is one of the more serious tubal ligation side effects. While blocked tubes are the point of the ligation surgery in order to sterilize, the blockage itself can cause a build up of pressure during menstruation which may cause severe pelvic pain. If you experience this condition, a common method of fixing it is tubal reversal surgery.

4. Regret: Women who have chosen to have tubal ligation may find that they regret the surgery. They may have chosen to have the surgery when married and upon a divorce and remarriage, they may decide that they want another child. Or they may be extremely unhappy with the tubal ligation side effects that theyre experiencing. While regret is a psychological symptom and not a physical one, it can be serious nonetheless. They find that restoration of their fertility through tubal reversal helps immensely with this tubal ligation side effect.

If youre considering a tubal ligation, spend some time researching tubal ligation side effects before you commit. Its extremely important that you are aware of the risks involved before deciding to have the surgery. Tubal reversal is possible, but it can be expensive unless you find the right tubal surgeon and may not be covered by medical insurance. Tubal reversal is also a second major surgery, with its own side effects and recovery time, though short with the right surgeon. When it comes to your fertility, there are no easy answers, so be sure to research your options thoroughly.

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