Discover The Truth - Does Collagen Elastin Lotion Really Work?
Discover The Truth - Does Collagen Elastin Lotion Really Work?

Discover The Truth - Does Collagen Elastin Lotion Really Work?

By the time you finish reading this ... You will understand the fact that Collagen Elastin Lotion - Does not work!

Without going into paragraphs of scientific technical details. I will try to give you the simple facts.

Imagine the skin as a mesh. It allows good things in (oxygen) and bad things out (toxins). It stops matter entering through your outer epidermis skin layer, that could be harmful to your health.

Substances are measured in molecular (weight, size) Even if an object can enter our epidermis its unlikely to get any further. To enter a cell it must be have a size less than 800. Nearly all ingredients used in cosmetics and skin creams that include collagen and elastin have much higher molecular weights and cannot enter the skin cell at all. If any are capable of entering the outer layer, they will still be way too large to penetrate at a cellular level.

We all know as our skin deteriorates, sags and gets thinner as we age, collagen and elastin levels are reduced. The collagen used in cosmetics and skin care products has a large molecular size, and is way too big to go anywhere near fitting through you skin. Therefore it not only cannot make any difference to your skins collagen level. It just doesnt work!

So, if you use a skin cream containing collagen what happens? It actually does your skin more harm than good. Because the collagen cant penetrate below your epidermal layer it just sits in the pore clogging it. If its blocked, obviously it cant breath; therefore, toxins meant to be expelled from the skin are trapped and cant escape. Another issue to consider, is the collagen they use in these creams and injections compatible with human skin?

So where does elastin fit into the picture? Here again it cant penetrate the epidermal skin layer because its molecular size is too large. Therefore, its the same story as collagen, they are both useless in cosmetic or skin creams that dont have the capability to reduce the molecule to a non level.

Does this mean, that every anti aging anti wrinkle collagen elastin lotion wont penetrate the skin, to stimulate the regrowth of these two proteins -- Yes!

Can any natural anti aging anti wrinkle creams stimulate collagen and elastin regrowth -- Yes!

A company in New Zealand has developed a patented nano technology that enables molecules to penetrate beyond the epidermal skin layer. The product is Cynergy TK and is an ingredient in some natural skin care manufacturers products.

Cynergy TK contains functional keratinTM, which can stimulate collagen and elastin re-growth. Now there is a method to penetrate the skin, this and other natural ingredients capable of stimulating these two proteins, can work to increase their levels. By being able to plump the skin and increase the volume of collagen and elastin, wrinkles will be reduced.

Finally, Dont waste your money on collagen elastin lotion, they just dont do anything. If you want an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream that does, that I personally use daily, please visit my website below.

Kathryn M. Reid is trained in, and has many years experience in skin care management, she now recommends and uses natural skin care products daily. Are you ready to try a natural skin care remedy? If so, visit my site to discover the best, most cost effective natural skin care range available today.