Diminish and Heal Unsightly Spider Veins in Legs
Diminish and Heal Unsightly Spider Veins in Legs

Diminish and Heal Unsightly Spider Veins in Legs

When I was growing up, I remember noticing the unsightly surface veins on my grandmothers legs and asking her what happened. She assured me that nothing in particular had happened, but that the bluish vein-like spots on her legs were what were known as spider veins.

While generally a cosmetic problem, and rarely a health threat, spider veins in legs are the most common form. What I find to be surprising is that statistics show that 70% of the millions affected by spider veins are women, with 25% being over the age of 40.

While one of the primary reasons for spider veins in legs is caused by seeping, trapped or coagulated blood from the capillaries, it isnt the only reason. Products such as spider vein cream are one of the best products on the market for eliminating or reducing the visible effects of spider veins in legs.

While surgery to remove the spider veins in legs is a viable option to correct the problem, many women would prefer to avoid the recovery time of surgery and prefer to use spider vein cream instead. The spider vein cream is enriched with Vitamin K and is the leading and most effective alternative to laser treatments or surgeries.

While known to be hereditary, spider veins in legs have also been attributed to hormonal changes, such as menopause or even pregnancy. Similarly medications such as to treat thyroid problems or oral contraceptives have also been known to create a change in hormone levels and could also contribute to the weakening of vein walls and allow seepage to take place, creating spider veins in legs.

Spider vein cream works not only visibly but also internally, so that not only are the spider veins in legs less visible, but also the cream treats and aids in healing the spider veins by strengthening the vein walls, improving pliability valve function.

Another cause of spider veins is both lifestyle and environment. Any lifestyle regime that is considered to be in excess can contribute to the cause of spider veins. Obesity, drinking alcohol in excess, prolonged exposure to the sun and smoking are all contributors and deciding one day that youll stop drinking too much, or stop spending too much time in the sun isnt going to reverse the spider veins you already have, but could possibly help keep you from getting more in the future.

In laymans terms, spider veins in legs are caused by a malfunction or damage of the veins, and while surgery and laser therapy are viable options of treatment, the least invasive is the use of spider vein cream, that is a less expensive and more painless alternative.

If youve been suffering in silence with spider veins, unwilling to wear shorts out in public for fear that someone may notice, remember that you dont have to accept them as a part of life, and can choose to diminish or eliminate them completely with spider vein cream, and in no time youll be ready to wear those shorts again.

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