Top Five Reasons To Start Selling Avon

Top Five Reasons To Start Selling Avon

1. Join My Avon Team by September 30th and Ill cut the normal signup of $20.00 to only $10.00. Your signup fee includes all training, sale kit and materials for 2 Campaigns. **You can even get your very own Avon web page if you so desire for only $18.00 per year!

2. As a new representative you save 40% on your first 2 orders you collect from family, friends, and co-workers (min $125.00 in sales). Why pay retail when you can pay wholesale?

3. No minimum orders are required.

4. No need to carry an inventory. Take orders when, where, and how you want. There are no territories. No up-front payment.

5. Open your own Avon account and be on your way to great savings and earnings! Get others to sell under you and be a Team Leader! Make money by doing nothing! Generate cash from others selling under YOU.

Dont want to sell Avon? Still want the products? Then signup and have your own Avon Account and get your orders delivered directly to your door. You can save a minimum of 10% off each order. You never know, you may change your mind once your family, friends and co-workers start seeing all the products and benefits you are receiving. They just might become customers!

I have greatly enjoyed starting my own business. I would like to share my joy with you. If youre interested, please contact me at (204) 832-6368 or visit my website at for additional information. Or, check out the following website for more information on becoming an Avon Representative.