How To Get Rid Of Corns
How To Get Rid Of Corns

How To Get Rid Of Corns

Corns can be described as painful build-ups of the skin, usually noticed either on the soles of the feet or over the joints of the toes. They are mainly the result of wearing shoes that fit too tight, which leads to excessive pressure on a particular area and results in a build-up. Though corns are not life-threatening, they can be pretty painful for a person. Corn pads are available in the market, which help in the getting rid of the corns. However, their effectiveness is open to question.

Corns and Calluses
Calluses are areas of thickened skin caused by repeated friction and pressure. They form to protect the skin and the structures beneath it from injury or damage. Calluses on the bottoms of feet thicken with time, and sometimes develop into hard corns.

Calluses can be a form of protection for the hands. Gymnasts who perform on uneven parallel bars and other apparatus often get calluses on their hands, which take a lot of abuse. Guitar players also get calluses â€" on their fingers â€" from manipulating the strings. Once formed, calluses may make it easier for the person to swing around the bars or play the guitar.

Causes Of Corns
The cause of corns is shoes that do not fit well. They rub on your toes and feet causing a build-up of skin and pressure on nerves. The first thing to do is get proper fitting shoes, then try one of these remedies to get rid of the corns and calluses.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Corns
A doctor must treat severe or persistent corns, however, they rarely require surgery. But there are natural ways to get rid of corns. Firstly what are corns? Corns are extra skin cells accumulated and formed as healing process in an area that is subject more and unexpected pressures. The most susceptible area is feet result of poor fitting footwear. which puts extra pressure on the feet.

Do not let your feet lose the moisture on it as this makes the area dry and rough. Lactic acid based creams help in retaining moisture to your feet.

Herbal creams like calendula creams are helpful in preventing painful cracks and also soften the skin.

You can get rid of them using very simple method: Get a clove of garlic, run it through a garlic press or cut up into small pieces, add a small pinch of sea salt and using a spoon - mash it till smooth. Put a dab of it on the top of the corn and cover with band-Aid. In 2-3 days pull the band-Aid off - in most cases the corn will come off.

Corn home remedies
Firstly, you need to realize that although there are effective home remedies for corns, sometimes medical treatment is unavoidable. If your corns are particularly painful and refuse to go away using home remedies, you should not avoid going to the doctor. For severe, persistent corns, there may be no option other than to surgically remove them. This is an extremely minor operation, so you should not mix it up with the common idea of surgery.

How to Get Rid of Corns
Corns, otherwise known as foot calluses, are an accumulation of dead skin cells (calluses) around an irritated tissue on the foot. My step-mother used to have the most terrible corns, and maybe she still does. I havent seen her feet for a while. She didnt wear shoes that were conducive to, well, feet.

Practical Treatment for Corns
Wearing shoes that fit properly will most definitely get rid of corns. I cant believe people actually need to be told this, but I think we all know how deep denial can get when were trying to achieve that perfect image.

If you have corns between your toes, use a bit of cloth or padding to help keep your toes from rubbing against each other. Some people recommend cotton balls jammed between the toes to get rid of corns, but the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recommends lambs wool instead of cotton. Who knows why.

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