Rock Guitar Licks

Rock Guitar Licks

Rock Guitar Licks

,by: Bob MoltonMany guitar players find themselves in a rut at times not knowing how to get out. Guitarists can spend months upon months in the dreaded rut, even years if nothing is done about it. Sometimes guitar lessons can make things worse, depending on the situation.One of the main symptoms of being in a rut is the feeling of playing the same things over and over.

Some people also describe the rut as just an un-inspirational time period. Both are true.However, either way there IS a remedy. The remedy comes in a one two punch. Its designed to bring back the inspiration and sharpen you skills to a fine point.You see, as you get better on the guitar, (over the course of time) you dont realize it instantly but you actually begin to outgrow what youve learned to a point of mental starvation, and the toughest thing to get beyond is the fact that it can be happening and you dont even know it.The learning process usually happens at a slower pace, so you dont notice yourself bottoming out from lack of substance.

Solution: You need to gather up five to ten really cool guitar licks that were well though out, and learn them. The thing you want to do is remember the techniques of the licks as you play them over and over. Now, as you really start to see the techniques of the licks, start to change notes in the in the variations using the exact same techniques. Even if you only change two notes, your going to have a completely different sounding lick, based off of the technique you were using. This is super cool. Im telling you this works great!

Youre now able to split many other lick techniques into several other sub-licks spawning from the one main lick you learned. This will really start to develop all kinds of new ideas including many more immediate licks on command. It will totally fire up your inspiration because you now have all this new musical phrasing and cool sound scapes to utilize within your music.

REMEMBER: You need quality guitar licks and techniques to begin with; this guarantees everything that spawns from it will be just as killer as the original rock guitar licks.Once you get these killer rock guitar licks and techniques, you want to be sure and learn one lick at a time very slowly. The point is to burn each lick into your mind one at a time. Again, this will insure you get the maximum out of your development phase. It goes quickly because its fun and inspirational.Play each lick no less than 100 times in a row. Watch every move your fingers make.

As you continue on, youll notice your mind start to expand on the initial guitar lick without you even trying. Its like magic! You have everything to gain by learning a few new killer rock guitar licks. 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!! You can also learn how to improve your speed picking skills.Keep a positive attitude and great things will begin to happen.By: Bob Molton

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