Cons of Lemonade diet
Cons of Lemonade diet

Cons of Lemonade diet

The lemonade diet, or master cleanse diet, gained popularity after being endorsed by Beyonce, who claimed to have lost 20 pounds in just 10 days. This diet promises to clean your body from all the toxins as well as help you lose weight relatively quickly.

The question is whether this diet can actually do both, and also whether it is safe. Many people who want quick weight loss benefit tend not to question whether the diet is safe or not. This can have long term consequences on their health.

The lemonade diet works mainly because you wont be eating much of anything. Low ingestion of food leads to an obvious weight loss, but it can also cause health complications. The additional laxatives during the plan can also harm you drastically. Besides, the loss of too much water, minerals and other nutrients, which are essentials for the body, can also create long term problems.

A headache is one of the very common side effects seen in people on lemonade diet. People generally complain of this during the first three or four days of this plan. The main reason for headache is because of the large cut in the amount of caffeine being taken. However, the positive aspect of lemonade diet is it breaks the caffeine habit.

Another side effect of the lemonade diet is feeling of tiredness. But there are also large numbers of reports from people saying they have higher levels of energy that this side effect is not given importance.

Many people have complained about the bowel movements as a side effect. Bowel movements are part of the lemonade diet process, but are usually considered a side effect because of the frequency and the burning sensation. It is caused by the continuous use of laxative irritates intestines and bowel, and harms the normal movements.

While on lemonade diet, you essentially starve your body of energy and essential nutrients, which has the same effect as fasting on our body. Since the energy we get from food is insufficient, the body will try to extract energy from the muscle protein, but not the fat stores. It will break down muscle protein, resulting in a large number of circulating waste products. These need to be flushed out of the body with the help of the liver and kidneys, which puts these organs under additional strain.

The disadvantages of the lemonade diet are that it is unsuitable for anyone who has health problems. Also, it may not help you lose weight in the long term. Moreover, the medical profession still has not made up its mind about lemonade diet, and many believe it not to be prudent to follow this diet for over ten days. Although this may be a good diet to follow for a limited amount of time if you wish to get rid of body toxins, lemonade diet is not the solution to long-term weight loss. Always consult your physician before adopting any diet.