Chloe Paraty, New

Chloe Paraty, New

From magazines, web pages and TV, have you noticed a bag with a strikingly outstanding look growing on more and more celebrities? Yes, it is Paraty bag which is commented as the new "it" bag from Chloe. After the hot items Paddington and Bay bags, Paraty fueled the powerful popularity of Choles new collection and spread the flaming blaze across the globe. If you are drooling over these bags, you better hurry up even you have several thousands dollars to drop because they are incredibly hot and sold out as quickly as they hit the stores shelves.


It is no surprise that Chole was crowned as the "it" bag birthplace again. Since 2005, Chloe earned remarkable reputation through the classic Chloe purses Paddington and Bay. Inspiration and creativity steer the companys development to a brand new and highly flourishing level. Retrospectively, each success of the fashion houses growth was achieved through free spirit and energetic innovation. Chole was founded in Paris by Gaby Aghion, 1952. The initiator has his unique point of view about Fashion and launched a line off the rack and also in high quality and fine materials. Then the first ready-to-wear fashion house was born, and the others followed then a new market was formed. Although handbags were launched later than clothing line, Chloe has won the big name of a fantastic handbag maker who produces amazingly fabulous bags. Their designs scream edgy, classic and elegant. Always crafted in the most sumptuous leathers and funky colors,Chloe handbag represents Frances highest standard of handcrafting.


The newly released Chloe Paraty is favored by some A-list celebrities the likes of Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen. It features a simple, sleek and distinctive silhouette with rolled leather detail around the line of the trapeziform shape. The body of the bag and dual top handles are combined into a beautiful triangle which was formed with the rolled leather and the handles connecting each other. This is also a convertible bag with a detachable shoulder strap, thus you can use it as either a tote or a shoulder bag. It comes in soft leather as calfskin, lambskin or the spectacular python skin. The black python skin version is luscious with extremely gorgeous veins. Paraty python bag wins the hearts of crowds of fans and many have called Chloe boutiques to get their names on the waiting list. Besides black, it is also available in mustard yellow, fuchsia, cream and coffee colors. Described as chic, modern, cool and casual, Paraty bag combined with elegance and versatility becomes a must have for fashionistas.


A lady is incomplete without her handbag. It is awkward to have a mismatched bag with a luxuriant dress in a party. Glamorous Chloe bags in superb quality and refined workmanship are the essential complements to keep you in the limelight at any occasion. Buy through, you will get more satisfaction. Savvy ladies never follow trends, but select the timeless and classic items to create personal styles.