Chew Proof Dog Beds - How to Choose the Right One

Chew Proof Dog Beds - How to Choose the Right One

Puppies just like babies go through the teething stage which means he will chew anything he can get his little teeth on including your shoes, furniture and of course his dog bed.

Chew proof dog bed

Dogs are able to give you great happiness whether you are playing with them, walking them on the street or just plain being lazy with them watching television so dont they deserve to have something of their own.

Usually people get a dog when he is just a puppy so that you can grow with him and watch as he evolves. The first thing that we get and most of the time its before we even have the dog is the new bed so that he can be comfortable in his new home. When you pick a bed you want to buy one of the most important things to think about is whether the bed should be chewproof.

* Dog Issues

Puppies go through the stage of teething, which basically means he will chew almost anything he gets his teeth on whether they are shoes, furniture or items and especially his bed. This is the main reason why if you have a puppy, the first and certainly the most important should be a chew proof dog bed. You also have the option of looking at vinyl chew proof dog crates. These dog crates work wonders for little puppies who like to bit everything insight until they grow out of their teething stage. They also make chew proof puppy bed. Either of these will work well.

Even though your puppy gets older chewing things isnt something that he leaves behind. Usually when you discover this its because you found something you liked in the smallest pieces possible. This is when youll be very happy if you still have the chew proof dog beds because most times if your puppy learned to chew his bed instead of your shoes that will more than likely last. Its fortunate that when companies make dog beds they keep in mind that dogs have this little habit and mark their items accordingly.

Besides the fact that the bed will be ruined, a good reason to get a chew proof dog bed is if the bed is heated, your dog could get injured if he chews it even if the cords are usually steel wrapped for that reason alone. A chew proof dog bed also ensures that the area stays neat and clean while still allowing the dog to chew his bed all he wants.

* Shopping for a Suitable Dog Bed

Besides keeping in mind the chew proof feature in the dog bed, you can choose any bed based on the size of your dog, its habits and personality and something that matches your home. You will find a huge variety of dog beds, mats, pillows, baskets, donuts, and orthopedic depending on the amount you want to spend.

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