Brazil Live Coral Calcium is Now Top Dog

Brazil Live Coral Calcium is Now Top Dog

Brazil Live Coral Calcium Will Soon Be Leading Seller

There is a new type of coral calcium that has taken the market by storm. Until now the coral calcium market has been dominated by Okinawa coral calcium from Japan, and to a lesser extent Caribbean coral calcium. Industry experts are now predicting that the Brazilian coral calcium, Brazil Live Coral Calcium will soon become the leading selling coral calcium on the market.

Taking a closer look at Brazil Live Coral Calcium you will see that there are many reasons for this new emergence. For years now the only options of coral calcium available were above sea coral calcium and below sea coral calcium. Brazil Live Coral Calcium can not be classified as above sea coral or below sea coral, it is in fact a live coral calcium. Brazil Live Coral Calcium is live harvested from the beaches of Brazil, maintaining more mineral content than its competitors. Brazil Live Coral Calcium has approximately 12 times more minerals than Okinawa varieties while maintaining a similar calcium level.

Magnesium Content

Brazil Live Coral Calcium offers a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium naturally. There is some pretty convincing evidence that the Okinawa Coral Calcium which claims to have a 2:1 ratio of magnesium has in fact been fortified with magnesium by the manufacturer. Laboratory manager of Western Analysis, Kyle Schick commented that "Brazil Live Coral Calcium is the only coral he has tested that he can say with certainty has not been tampered with to reach a 2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium".

Environmental Concerns

Another valid reason for the success of Brazil Live Coral Calcium is that unlike Okinawa coral there is no environmental concerns looming over the harvesting of Brazilian coral. For years there has been reported damage to the delicate coral reefs of Japan and the Caribbean. Brazilian coral calcium is hand picked from the beaches of Brazil, causing no harm to marine life or reefs. With the growing movement towards environmentally friendly products, one can only think that this could be a big reason for the coral calcium market swaying towards the Brazilian coral calcium.

There are many possible reasons for the emergence of Brazil Live Coral Calcium, or it could be that consumers are just looking for something new. For years there was not much to choose from when it came to coral calcium, but now they have options. One thing is for sure, Brazil Live Coral Calcium is making its mark on the coral calcium market.

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