7 Tell-tale Signs to Know For Sure If Your Ex Wants You Back

7 Tell-tale Signs to Know For Sure If Your Ex Wants You Back

Do you desire to have your ex back in your arms? If so, then you have already crossed a great hurdle: admitting you want your ex back. It can be difficult to deal with the aftermath of a breakup especially if there are feelings of love still there.

You may want your ex back but you also want to make sure you have a chance to win them back. The fact is you arent the only one out there thinking how to know for sure.

Studies have been done and there is actually 7 good ways to find out if your ex wants to give you another chance as well.

Signs(1) Body Language

A persons body language speaks volumes without them ever having to utter a single word. The signal your body sends out tells others your true feelings. People may be unaware of this fact as well. If you can keep in touch with your body and master those feelings, than youll know how they feel about you.

Look at the direction he or she is facing. Does it seem like any part of their body is facing yours? If you cant see for sure, look a little closer. What about their thumb, their elbow... anything that can be construed to be in your direction means he or she may be thinking of you. They may be keeping an eye on you without you even knowing.

However, if you arent for sure through this signs, look at the face. Unfortunately, faces cannot hide what people feel inside. Often times when a person is interested in someone, they light up when they are around. Their demeanor may change to jubilant. People may try to act subtle but often times, it fails. If you want ex back, look for a sign like this.

Signs(2) Eye Contact

Did you ever think holding a persons eye contact could tell you how much in love they are with you? If you can hold a persons eye contact for about 75% of a conversation, you and the other person are in love. If you need more clues when making eye contact, let the pupils do the talking for you. A dilated pupil means the person is attracted to you.

Signs(3) Copycat

Have you gone to a party and there is your ex, hanging out in the corner? Be sure to watch them as you move about. Are they mimicking your steps and actions? If so, then chances are they still want you back. Copying your movements is a sign that he or she is thinking of you.

Signs(4) Whats Said

Watch for the things they say about you. If they are always adding you in a sentence, it means youve been on their mind. When an ex still wants you back, they often, without even realizing it themselves, will want your approval. If you need to, listen for any emotions in their voice while they speak with you. When your moods match while talking, there are still feelings there.

Signs(5) Appearance Improvement

People always want to look their best but when they are aiming to get their ex back they try really hard to improve their appearance and stance. Remember they want to send the signal out that they want you and want you to pay attention to them. They may start to lose a little weight, exercise more often or keep adjusting their clothes in front of you. These are usually less caught signs but signs nonetheless.

Signs(6) Stay Awhile

Does it seem like they are always around more often than not even though you are broken up? Does it seem like they call and want to talk all the time? If so, then its a sign that they still want to be with you.

Signs(7) Drop a Line

Do they always send you messages in any form? It doesnt have to be every day but as long as there is contact, youre doing well. You dont have to take a no contact sign as a bad one either. You may not realize it but you still have a good shot of getting your ex back.

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