6 Easy Steps For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

6 Easy Steps For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Have you ever had the desire to get your ex boyfriend back even though it appears he has moved on? In this article are some simple tips and tricks to winning your ex boyfriend back even if he apparently has moved on to a new girlfriend or if he appears to not be interested in you any more. So dont bother going around depressed anymore, but read on to learn how a love you thought you lost does not mean it is gone forever.

You are going to need a way to convince your ex that he really does want you back. If he truly does not want you back and continues to indicate so, then it may be harder, but not impossible. If he does not seem completely opposed to the idea of getting back together then you do really have a good chance of getting him back, with the right moves. Here are some tips.

1 - Show your ex boyfriend that you are a friend that he enjoys being around. Act around him like he is a good friend and show him that you understand the things he needs and enjoys. Get rid of any drama you may have left over from your breakup, as that will just bring on stress. Joke around with him just like any other friend, call and ask how he is, but dont get romantic. Offer to help him when he is in need. In a nutshell, be a very good friend and let him know you are available as a friend. He may just realize that he does want you back.

2- Play just a little hard to get so that your ex gets just a little jealous. But make sure he knows you are still available. Hang out with you friends and even flirt with other guys, but dont get carried away. You dont want to appear so flirtatious that your ex boyfriend gets turned off. If he feels you are not very available anymore he may not be motivated to pursue you, no matter what you do. A little jealousy is enough to peak his interest in you again.

3 - Avoid looking and acting desperate as much as possible. Acting desperate will just be a turn off to your ex boyfriend even if he feels he has to help you in some way. You want to instead seem like you are doing ok and might even be moving on. This will get him thinking that he may have lost something good.

4 - Be careful how you communicate to your ex boyfriend. You want to be really sweet to him and give subtle hints that you are not available yet to come back to him, although you havent ruled it out. This slight hard to get attitude will peak his interest in the possibility of getting you back and will get him thinking like nothing else.

5 - If you get the chance to converse with your ex try to remind him of the good times you two had together. Keep the conversation happy and calm, and dont bring up any bad times. Once he goes home and begins to think back on the fun you two had he will start to wonder if he made a mistake in breaking up.

6 - Be mysterious. If you happen to be around your ex boyfriend and you know he is looking at you, give him a sideways glance with your eyes on occasion. This kind of trick works like a charm in drawing his interest to you and wondering why you are peaking at him. Do it in such a way like, I know you are looking at me but you cant have me just yet.

These steps are easy to put in practice yet are only the beginning of all the practical things you can do to get back an ex boyfriend who has moved on. They are some of the simple steps that I used myself to get back an ex.

Mark D. Jordan is a writer from Pennsylvania. You can learn more about getting an ex back at Getting An Ex Boyfriend Back or by using the resources at www.thegetexback.com