Your Time is Almost Up When Youre 37 Weeks Pregnant
Your Time is Almost Up When Youre 37 Weeks Pregnant

Your Time is Almost Up When Youre 37 Weeks Pregnant

Your doctor has probably informed you that you can go into labour at any time once you are 37 weeks pregnant. A baby born at this stage of the pregnancy is considered to be full term. The baby is fully developed and is positioned in the birth canal. You may not notice as much movement as in previous weeks but you will be feeling quite uncomfortable because of your large size. You will also have to visit the bathroom quite frequently because of the pressure on your bladder. If you are in your 37th week during the hot summer, you may be feeling quite uncomfortable and need a fan blowing on you for most of the time.

When you visit the doctor, you will have an internal exam to determine how far down the baby head is. This will give the doctor a pretty good idea of how much time you have left before you deliver. The doctor or midwife will check for three main things ?if you are dilated and by how much, and how soft and thin your cervix is. This exam doesn hurt although you may find it a bit uncomfortable.

It is quite normal to experience some spotting at this stage. The mucous discharge will probably be brownish in colour and is nothing to be alarmed about. If you do notice any bleeding or bright red discharge though, you should contact your doctor immediately. The discharge may actually be gooey as the cervix gets ready to dislodge the plug in the tip of the cervix.

One of the main symptoms that you are soon going to deliver the baby is the nesting urges that you start to get during this week. Although you may dismiss this as an old wives?tale it is true. You will have the urge to clean and cook more than usual as you prepare for the new baby. You should spend this time making sure you have a good stock of diapers or pampers on hand and that you have ample blankets and clothing for the baby. Even if you have loads of energy, it is important for you to get your rest, although you may find it very uncomfortable to lie down. Try putting your feet up on a footstool when you sit in a sofa chair to make yourself more comfortable.

Your breasts will feel more sensitive than usual because they are now filled with milk. In fact, you may have to wear small pads inside your bra to keep the milk from leaking out through your clothing. Make a list of everything you need to bring to the hospital with you and check to see if you have what you need packed in your suitcase. You should have this ready close to the door so that you won have to go looking for it when you do go into labour. You should also have the phone numbers of your doctor and the hospital close to the phone so that your partner can easily find them.

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