You Can Build a Positive Attitude Towards Exercise

You Can Build a Positive Attitude Towards Exercise

Most people know that physical activity is very important yet many people choose to lead sedentary and inactive lives. And even more find it difficult to start a proper exercise program or stick with it. On the other hand, some people use exercise merely for controlling their weight and dont recognize how critical it is for achieving optimal health.

Vigorous physical activity has been proven to help you feel better and live a longer healthier life - even if you dont have excess weight to lose. Stop your mind when it tries inventing reasons, excuses, justifications or rationalizations as to why you cant get going and get active. Excuses will never really help you get anywhere in life. If you dont want to exercise, one reason (excuse) is just as good as another.

If you are one of the people that are not very active or not exercising regularly, perhaps you have some negative thoughts of your own. Isnt it time to start building and programming your mind with more positive thoughts?

"I dont have time." It would only take 1/48th of your whole day to exercise for 30 minutes - and most people waste a lot more time than that on unproductive activities like watching TV or chit chatting on the phone! Being physically active is more important for your health and well-being than 99% of the other things you think must get done each day.

You will need to make this a priority in your life if you are ever going to reach your health and fitness goals. The key to success is giving it the priority it deserves. Fitness and health goals need planning just like you would plan for success in your career. Dont allow yourself to sit around and say you have no time - you can always get up an hour early or go to bed a bit later.

"I dont have the energy." Exercise increases your strength, stamina and endurance and helps you sleep better so you will become more productive and efficient in everything you do. No matter how you feel initially, you are likely to feel better within just a few minutes of starting to exercise, and these good feelings usually last long after the exercise is finished too.

"I will start exercising when I have lost some of this weight." A proper exercise program that includes strength training exercise uses additional calories and builds your metabolism. In addition, exercise reduces food cravings and curbs your appetite by raising your endorphins ("feel good chemicals") and serotonin levels ("calm chemicals").

This reduces stress and allows you to have an easier time losing any excess body fat.
Besides, if you dont exercise while you are losing weight, you will likely lose muscle tissue as well as fat which will make it gradually harder to lose weight - and almost impossible to keep it of long term.

"I am so out of shape - I dont even know where to begin!" You have to start somewhere - so start where you are today! There is no such thing as instant or quick fitness. If you start this week by increasing your activity level, little by little, bit by bit three months from now you will be leaner, stronger, more energetic, and healthier.

If you choose not to get started, then dont be surprised if you are in exactly the same condition (or worse) than you are today!

What about other negative thoughts and attitudes about that you have about exercise? Can you learn to counter them in a positive way? Develop positive statements and repeat them often to yourself, such as "being active gives me the opportunity to relieve stress and feel better. Or "I can feel myself becoming stronger, healthier more energetic and alive" or "it feels so good to move my muscles and my body."

Start thinking of yourself as an active, strong, slim, fit and healthy person - and you will become one!

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