Why Your Man Do Not Call

Why Your Man Do Not Call

If you are in a relationship, you know it can be difficult to manage and deal with. If you are in a relationship that has been going for quite some time, a routine of predictability may take hold. It may get as bad as you resenting your significant other because of those "taken advantage of" feelings. As time passes, men may call less and less and women may feel like their men dont care anymore. Women want to be close to their men even by phone. Should you be a woman in this sort of situation, then you may feel anxious and aggravated.

However, if you are in this sort of predicament, there are things you need to be aware of and things you SHOULDNT DO.

(1) Do Not Panic

Panicking is the worst thing you can do when your boyfriend doesnt call. When he hasnt called for a few days, dont assume that hes got himself a new girlfriend. Chances of him having a new girlfriend are actually small. There are tons of reasons men take days to call their girlfriends. However, getting into a new relationship usually is not one reason. Women, stop thinking the worst.

(2) Dont Call or Leave Voicemail Messages

Sometimes men wont call their women back because they want to watch their reaction. Many women will repeatedly dial their boyfriends number when they havent returned their calls. When we expect them to call and dont, women worry. Its normal when that sense of rejection begins. It makes some women to leave a voicemail message, asking him to desperately call them back. What do women come across as if they repeatedly leave messages on the voicemail? Men will view them as desperate and needy for their affections, which are a bad thing for women to look like.

Sometimes showing your feelings completely to your significant other can lead to being taken advantage of. If they know youll never leave him, then may feel like it fine not to call back. They may even ignore you. Why? They know it wont matter how much time passes, you are still going to be there, waiting for him to return to you.

Solution to Womens Boyfriend Issues

When a boyfriend wont call a woman back, the woman needs to stop waiting and get out there and enjoy life. Dont call him. What happens? Theyll wonder what happened and begin to get curious. When the man finally calls, dont answer it right away. Make the man be the one to leave the message. If the message says hes been busy, a woman needs to reply with the same thing.

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