Signs She Still Has Feelings for You

Signs She Still Has Feelings for You

The initial breakup has passed and youve let those hurtful feelings heal a bit. Now that time has passed, how do you know if you can win back your ex-girlfriend? Youre not particularly sure if she still wants you too but you think she has feelings for you. Is there any way to determine that her feelings for you havent subsided?

Believe it or not, there is a way to tell if she has feelings for you. You have to watch how she treats you. If she treats you like she doesnt mind talking to you, you dont have to fight in uphill climb to win her back. Common sense may tell you that if she doesnt mind talking to you, she still thinks youre "ok" and dont mind to keep in touch. Love and hate: comparable feelings? The words, in some instances, are comparable. Hate is defined as no emotion while love is defined as powerful emotions.

By watching her deal with you, you will know exactly how you fall on her scale of emotions. Is she opposed to the idea of talking to you or is she receptive?A person who cares little about you wont bother to return your calls. They arent liable to call you back if you left a message nor are they open to call you out of the blue.

If it seems that she doesnt mind answering your phone calls or calls you on her own, you have a high chance of winning her back. You may have your work cut off for you to win her back but she still has feelings for you. If she happens to call frequently, then shes got more feelings for you than she may realize.

It doesnt matter if the phone calls are just to say "hi" or if its a long drawn out conversation, as long as she is friendly to you, it means that her feelings for you are definitely still there.Teecee Go writes articles focusing on love, romance and save relationship helping people get back with their ex. There are ways to

win your girlfriend back

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