What is H.E.M.?
What is H.E.M.?

What is H.E.M.?

I have been a sports coaching and conditioning coach for over twenty years. I have worked with countless high school, school and pro sportsmen. I have seen a lot of coaching fads come and go, but recently there has been a big revolution in how we understand the body and how to get the absolute best results. I keep an unfettered mind and try to make certain I always keep up to date with new ideas out there relating to coaching and rehabilitation for my athletes. When I find something I actually like, I always attempt to share that info so others can also get the benefit.

One thing that I have started using with good results is the H.E.M. Like the majority of you, I used to tell me athletes to rest and ice their ankles after a twist, but the healing process was very slow and painful. For an ordinary kind of sprain, probably grades 1-2, my athletes required a good 2-3 weeks until they were walking without agony and then an additional 1-2 weeks at least before they could play ball again. Since a sprained ankle is a reasonably common occurrence and it caused at least a month of rehabilitation, I would have liked to find a better rehabilitation system for getting them back to sports far faster.

I started asking around with another pros and one of them discussed an ankle rehabilitation system he had used with great success called H.E.M. I started doing some research on it and decided to try it with one of my university athletes. Just for reference, he had a fairly nasty grade II twist that had him immobilized. Based on prior sprains of this type, I might have expected him to require about 4-6 weeks for recovery time. I looked at the ankle and it was still a little bruised and swollen, but apart from that, it looked incredibly good considering it had only been 5 days.

He came back 5 days later and the ankle seemed to be 100%. However what actually dazzled me was the proven fact that the H.E.M. This section of the system is more for decreasing the risk of a twisted ankle by strengthening the ankles and calves and also increasing the range of motion. I have found that not only have my sportsmen dramatically reduced the amount of ankle sprains over the last few months, but the ones that do get the injury, recover extremely fast. Further, I have recently realized that many of my athletes have increased their lateral speed and vertical jump ability. I attribute this to the rise in strength in their calf muscles and range of motion in their ankles.
in short , Ive been really impressed by the the H.E.M. System with all of my sportsmen and I strongly recommend it for anyone hoping to improve their performance and recover quickly and properly from a sprained ankle injury.

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