What Is A Wii Soft Chip
What Is A Wii Soft Chip

What Is A Wii Soft Chip

When you setup a Wii soft chip on your Wii, you will get instant access to amazing features that you would not believe possible.

The Wii soft chip will let you do some amazing things, for example-

Playback Of DVDs
Playback of DVDs is not possible with the Wii. But installing a wii soft chip soon changes that, and will allow you to enjoy all of your DVDs seamlessly on your Wii, both the PS3 and XBOX 360 can do it, so why cant the Wii!.

Play Copied Games
Nearly every Wii games is available to download on the internet, get your favourites and burn them to disc. You can play any game you want thanks to the wii soft chip. Got an external hard drive? Loads hundreds of Wii games onto that, and have a whole game library at your fingertips with the Wii soft chip.

Console Emulators
There are a number of console emulators available that will take you back to the old days. You could have every game of every console ready to play, with games from the PS1, SNES, Sega Megadrive, N64 and many more. Ever wanted every classic game released in the decades of gaming? Now you can with your Wii and the Wii soft mod.

Media Centre
Give your Wii a boost and transform it into a powerful home media centre. Do you have a lot of XviD films or TV shows? Your Wii will download all of the box art for your collection, and organize it all with stunning visuals effects.

Easy To Fit
It takes less than 10mins to setup the Wii soft chip. Just follow the onscreen instructions. Your warranty will remain intact because you will not need to take your Wii apart. Even my gran could do it. You can also uninstall the soft chip easily if you want.

The BreWii development team have made the best wii soft chip, prodiving reliable updates to make sure your Wii has all of the best features.

You can get instant access to the Wii soft mod and a full guide at the BreWii website, get it now and you could turbo charge your Wii in less than 20 minutes.