Ways to Save the Rainforest
Ways to Save the Rainforest

Ways to Save the Rainforest

There are many ways to save the rainforest, right in our own homes or offices. Here are some of them:

Save the trees. Reduce the amount of paper you use at home, in the office, or in business establishments. Recycle paper and patronize recycled paper products. There are also paper that are 100% tree-free, meaning, they are made from post-agricultural products like cornstalks or wheat straw to save trees.

Lessen your use of gasoline and plastic products. Oil is a prime component of these products, and industrial oil are extracted from rainforests, a process which causes great harm to the environment. Walk more, use public commute system, and make sure your car is in good condition to minimize gas usage. Use glass containers instead of plastic whenever possible, and turn over your used plastic bottles to recycling centers.

Lessen meat consumption. Do you know that the hamburger in your lunch box could have something to do with the destruction of rainforests? Beef, specially American beef, are raised in commercial pasture sites created by burning acres of rainforests. The vegetation lends a healthy, easy to manage pasture for cows and other animals, to the detriment of forest primeval. An increasing demand for meat leads to more rainforest clearings. Put a stop to this by being a responsible consumer.

Use only wood with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This is to ensure they do not come from tropical rainforests. We have pro-rainforest activists to thank for for pressuring giant retail stores like Wal-Mart to pull out their inventory of furniture made from tropical rainforests.

Join organizations for the protection of rainforests. Be pro-active and get more involved in projects like information campaign, fundraisings, and filing petitions to save the worlds rainforests.
You can view more information at Saving the Rainforest.