Turtle Island ?The Best of the World s Secluded Vacation Spots
Turtle Island ?The Best of the World s Secluded Vacation Spots

Turtle Island ?The Best of the World s Secluded Vacation Spots

If privacy and seclusion is what you are looking for in your next vacation, there are numerous secluded vacation spots all over the world. It doesnt mean that you have to travel to an place that tourists rarely frequent because you will find these secluded spots in such popular destinations as the Caribbean, Mexico, the Greek Islands and more. If you consult travel magazines however, you will find that the spot voted the best for seclusion is that of Turtle Island.
Turtle Island is a private island in Fiji that caters to those looking for privacy in an exotic location. There are no cars, TV or telephones so you can cut yourself off completely from the outside world. The 14 cottages accommodate 28 guests and all are located around the famous blue Lagoon? The cottages themselves are one of a kind with a thatched roof and vaulted ceilings. Each one has a separate sleeping and living area and spacious bathroom. All have king size beds, bars stocked with drinks and fruit and the bathrooms contain pure Fiji body products.
This is not a family venue and is for couples only as a rule. After your first visit, if you would like to have quality family time at this location, you can rent the entire island for the duration of your stay. As part of the cost, each child under 5 years of age has his/her own nanny and from 6 and older, each one has a Bula Buddy. This gives the parents time to relax and unwind and spend time together.
For a honeymoon destination, Turtle Island is the ultimate in an adventure to start off your married lives together. You can have a beach entirely to yourselves or take walks in the jungle. You can arrange to have a picnic lunch complete with lobster and champagne to take with you and spend the day on your own. Have breakfast under the shade of the palm trees as you drink in the jasmine-scented air. Saltwater fishing, sailing around the lagoon, snorkelling to see the brightly colored fish ?these are just a few of the activities that you can indulge in as you please without crowds of people around you.

For every visitor to Turtle Island, you can do as much or as little as you please. If you want to engage in watersports, you can enjoy:

- Swimming
- Snorkeling
- Scuba diving
- Windsurfing
- Kitesurfing
- Sailing on the lagoon
- Sportfishing
- Taking a sunset cruise
- Sea kayaking

If land-based activities are more your style, some of the options you have are:

- Horseback riding
- Bike riding
- Running
- Walking
- Hiking
- Picnics
- Island tours
- Garden tours
- Massages

The key to enjoying a vacation in a secluded spot is that you can unwind and relax completely free from the stresses of the world and your daily life. You can let your inhibitions go for a brief period of time and be yourself.
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