Travel Gift Ideas – Christmas Presents

Travel Gift Ideas – Christmas Presents

Looking for travel gift ideas? Here are a few that make great Christmas presents or just good old travel gifts. Travel Gift IdeasWhether for work or fun, people that travel a lot are easy to buy for. There are simply a ton of gadgets and travel accessories that can satisfy your need for travel gift ideas.

1. Dreamsacks – Okay, heres a nasty little secret about traveling. Hotels dont always wash sheets and definitely dont wash comforters. Yes, it creeps me out to think about it as well.

Dreamsacks are designed to keep the creepy crawly bacteria, funguses and bugs off of you. Dreamsacks are essentially sleeping bags made from sheets, to wit, they are thin. Most even come with a built in pillow because if the sheets are sketchy, one doesnt really want to even contemplate the pillows.

Dreamsacks will set you back between $40 and $60.

2. Relief Bands – Relief bands are the latest, greatest way to stop motion sickness. If youve ever flown on Air Turbulence Airlines, youll know the immediate benefit of these bands. Worn like a watch, relief bands send a small electronic shock into the bottom of your wrist which counters the nausea impulse to your brain. No, it doesnt hurt and it is a lot better than getting intimate with those popcorn bags in airline seat backs. Expect to pay between $60 and a couple hundred bucks depending on how fashionable you want to look while bouncing around in your seat.

Good for boats and cars as well.

3. Japanese Paper Soap – Perhaps one of the greatest travel accessories ever made. For any traveler, bars of soap are a disaster. They never stay in their cases or wrapping resulting in soap suds and gunk everywhere. Japanese paper soap solves this problem nicely. The paper is, well, paper, but has built in soap. You simply get your hands wet and rub a piece of the paper between them. Instant suds! When done, toss the paper out. Pretty cool, eh? This incredible invention will set you back a whopping $10 for 50 sheets. Heck, I use them at home.

4. Nomad Travel Journals - A little self-promotion here. Nomad Travel Journals are compact writing journals that let travelers keep notes about their trips. Really great for creating a record of who was on the trip, things seen, people met, contact information such as email address, phone numbers and so on. As the years pass, you can read back through your travel journal to relive trips and laugh yourself silly over funny events you might otherwise forget. A tremendous gift for student travelers and backpackers. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to see the travel journals which cost $25 with case.Shopping for the holidays can be stressful. If youre buying for a traveler, any of the above gifts will be a hit.Rick Chapo is with

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