Top Ten Websites for Dial-up Users
Top Ten Websites for Dial-up Users

Top Ten Websites for Dial-up Users

1. This website could win an award for most dial-up friendly. It is the plainest webpage you will find. There are no bulky images, advertisements, or banners that will take up your valuable time. Google is currently the top most used website worldwide, and offers countless free resources. The most popular feature, of course, is the search engine. You can look up any topic imaginable by entering a selection of keywords in the search bar. From teddy bears to the best hotels in France, Google has the answer waiting for you! They have spent years in the search engine business, and are constantly coming up with new ways to bring the most helpful, relevant, and useful websites at the front of their search results. Save even more time by clicking the "Im feeling lucky" button. This will automatically direct you to the website of the number one search result for your search.

2. This is the free email service provided by As far as features and layout, its not much different from other free mail servers, like Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail. The reason this site is dial-up friendly is because it offers and "HTML Veiw". Basically, its a easier to load version of the mail server. Dial-up users can enjoy the convenience of faster page loading.

3. This is the quickest way to access countless downloads that you need for your computer and dial-up service. In fact, many times when you go to download something from another website, you are actually redirected to this site. You will save time by going straight here! Heres a few downloads that most dial-up users look for:

*AVG Antivirus, the free version. Just head to the "Most Popular Downloads" section and youll find it at the top. This antivirus program is useful for anyone who wants a simple, quick, and easy Internet protection program. The download and the updates for AVG are smaller than other antivirus programs, so its not impossible to download them on a dial-up connection.

*Download managers. These handy programs help you with one of the biggest dial-up issues: Getting disconnected during a large download. There are several download managers available on that will help you avoid having to restart a download in the event of a disconnect.

4. This site offers dozens of resources to dial-up users. It may be somewhat advanced for beginner computer users. This site lists common dial-up errors and some ways to fix the problem. It is used by dial-up technicians who assist dial-up customers with common (and the not so common) errors that can occur with dial-up.

5. This website is a great resource for your dial-up service. Need a new modem? Search here for a variety of brands, prices, and features. You can even compare its price among sellers and pick the one that will be right for you!

6. Here is a great resource for all your dial-up and computer needs. They offer great prices on modems, computer products, even games that are compatible with dial-up! This is a preferred site for many computer technicians.

7. This is one of the largest collection of games online. Many of them are dial-up friendly. There are many categories to choose from.

8. Another game site. This one has a link specifically for "dial-up friendly" games for a variety of games that are sure to play smoothly.

9. Heres a great site that works well with dial-up for all your unique shopping needs. Much like Ebay, this bidding site will add 30 seconds onto the clock after you place a bid so you wont lose an auction from a slow page load.

10. This spinoff of the ever popular is a great way for you to keep up with your social networking on a dial-up connection. Its pages are cleaner, with less add-ons and advertisements that clog your dial-up bandwidth. You can even view pictures faster on Facebook Lite. Everything is compressed and condensed that is perfect for dial-up.
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