Looking At Termite Pictures Online

Looking At Termite Pictures Online

Having termite pictures at your disposal when you think you have a termite infestation can be a great tool in identifying these horribly devastating little creatures. You can find termite pictures in many places, but a great place to start is on the Internet. If you do a quick Google search for "termite pictures" and then click on the "Images" tab above the search bar, you will have hundreds and hundreds of termite pictures at your disposal.

Once you have the termite pictures, you can then set about deciding whether or not you have a termite problem. If you suspect you have termites, look for burrow holes in damp wood areas and try to see if you can locate insects that look like ants but are white in color. If they look like small white ants, then they are worker termites and they will cause the most amount of damage. If you have one, you have hundreds and eradicating them as quickly as possible is necessary to minimize any damage to your structure or crops. There are also winged termites that swarm during certain times of the year.

These termites are called reproductives and are responsible for laying eggs that will insure the continuation of the colony. They look like small ants but with wings. Getting rid of these types of termites is important as winged reproductives can lay thousands of eggs at one time and hatch time is quick, so you can have an infestation grow within a matter of days. The king and queen termites are also responsible for the continuation of the colony. The queen also lays her own eggs and can live for over ten years producing hundreds of eggs each year. The king is responsible for mating with both the queen as well as the reproductives and he will do so during his entire life span.

They are larger than the other termites - the queen has a lighter colored body and the king has a darker colored body. They most often stay in the colony mound, but then can be found outside the mound as well. Killing the king and queen wont destroy the colony since other female termites lay eggs as well and there are other queens ready to take her place. Look on the Internet or in your local library for termite pictures so that you can easily identify the various types of termites. Once you know what the termite looks like, then you can take measures to get rid of them. Termite pictures will show you the specific qualities of each type of termite and allow you to take action quickly before they can do a lot of damage. Learn about

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