Free Email Extractor - Marketing Tips

Free Email Extractor - Marketing Tips

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program that doesnt drain on your computer, or leave you waiting for hours? Email Extractor 1.4 offers a quick, easy solution for marketers looking to expand their mailing lists on the cheap. In just minutes, internet professionals can be on their way to a targeted email campaign that blows the competition away without blowing their budget. Fastest

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of All Time!Proven to be 7x faster than leading competitors, EE 14 compiles an average of 1000 unique, targeted email addresses each hour. Automated to run seamlessly in the background, the email harvester extracts information through web search results, domain specifications, even files on your desktop while you concentrate on other tasks. Take comfort in the auto-delete feature that wipes your list free of duplicate email addresses, and filters out specific sites and addresses per your preferences.

Why waste time compiling lists by hand when you can triple your business in under an hour using this award-winning email spider program? Just download the demo, punch in your search criteria and set it to build. Automated Convenience in MinutesNew to computers or the Internet? No problem. The programs simple display allows you to set up your search preferences easily in minutes, and continues to compile you email list while youve moved on to other tasks. It automatically searches for addresses with connections to your marketing plan, while filtering out unwanted results as well as duplicate email addresses.This email harvesting program not only searches websites, but also searches for websites that rank high in keywords and keyword phrases pre-determined by you, as well any files you want searched on your computer.

Putting together a targeted advertising or newsletter campaign has never been faster or easier. You save time and money over other programs and can download the demo in no time for free!Save Money, Work SmarterWhether youre building your first email list or looking to expand for an upcoming release, you want a fast, efficient email harvesting program. Normally, you would search for websites that match your audience, wait while your program collects addresses, then weed through the list manually deleting and duplicates.

Not only does Email Extractor 1.4 run freeze-free in the background while you work on other things, you can easily program it to search for key terms of importance to your project. In the time it takes to create the ad copy for a new project, youll have thousands of potential new customers ready to contact. All that, and you can import those addresses straight into your email client. EE 14 saves time, streamlines your efforts and allows you to focus on more enjoyable aspects of your business. Test out the fastest, most efficient and most valuable program on the net to suit your needs. Download the demo today.More info regarding EE 14 please visit