The Perfect Sandwich Label
The Perfect Sandwich Label

The Perfect Sandwich Label

If you are in the carryout or catering industry, you are undoubtedly familiar with the challenges associated with finding and using high quality sandwich labels. Getting the right mix of features combined with an appearance that will help increase brand recognition and sales can be a challenging. Consider the many factors that would go into a perfect sandwich label.

First, the label must be quickly and easily modified. If you change an ingredient in your chicken salad or decide to finally introduce that new pastrami sandwich for which customers have been clamoring, you will need to be able to efficiently generate new labeling. For those who handle sandwich labeling on-site, that means an easy-to-use and intuitive software package is an absolute must.

Second, the sandwich label must be attractive. You want your wrapped food to send a message about your company, and the last thing you need is for that message to say "cheap and ugly." A perfect label would be appropriately sized for its purpose, would have enough space for easy and attractive display of information and would be designed in a manner consistent with your other branding and marketing efforts. While "off the shelf" labels might be fine for amateurs and smaller operations, most would prefer to have a customized label.

Third, the sandwich label must comport to your areas legal requirements. You need to be sure you are providing all necessary information in the manner required by governing law. This is primarily a matter of content, but the label itself should be sized and designed in a way that will allow you to offer an attractive package while still meeting or exceeding all statutory requirements.

Sandwich distributors and producers want labels that are easy to edit, attractive and consistent with regulation. If you find this combination of features, you have found the perfect sandwich label.

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