The Biggest Error New Melaleuca Representatives Make

The Biggest Error New Melaleuca Representatives Make

There is a least one key mistake that just about all new Melaleuca representatives make that is far beyond the other mistakes.

Your personal brand or name has to be on the web in the form of a personal website not just the Melaleuca brand and personal corporate website.

Also, it needs to be entirely distinct from Melaleuca and the upline.

To accomplish this, you have to have a online existence in 3 areas: You must have a domain name. You have to have a website. And, you need to have a website hosting account.

Now these websites are very simple and easy to complete but everyone thinks that they are difficult. That is one reason why Melaleuca or your upline will provide it for you. Many imagine it is challenging.

These corporate sites seem to be so suitable and simple. They are hard to not to take. They price them right. They will practically give you one either cheap or for nothing.

When you registered into Melaleuca, they or your organization, gave you a website just for being a part of the team. Although it may be for cheap, it does keep you from positioning yourself appropriately on the web.

A corporate website, even an excellent one like Melaleuca provides, is intended to promote Melaleuca. It may possibly have a tiny section for your bio but it is not intended to highlight you only Melaleuca. Also, they can post items without your say-so. They control the website. You will be forever advertising Melaleuca.

The biggest blunder a brand new Melaleuca representative makes is not securing their personal name. Remember, people bond with you before they join a company. You should want to establish a place to highlight yourself and not Melaleuca.

It is so easy to choose your personal name as a website. It is referred to as a "domain name".

For you to have your own name as a website, you must first register a domain name and get hosting for that domain name. As an example: is a domain name, but you could not use that website if it were not hosted somewhere.

Remember, a domain name is your unique address on the web. That is why every person has to have his or her personal name! Once it is taken - no one can use it but you.

Here is the quickest and simplest way to avoid this blunder that most Melaleuca representatives make::

Get your own domain name with your name like mine is: This is me. Oh, if yours is not available, then just get something like I did with

Also, you need a website hosting account. I choose to be with one of the big boys like GoDaddy. This is not a time to go stingy. You want it reliable and running all the time. Pick a "WordPress Blog Hosting Account" so you can get a free blog website up in a few minutes.

Lastly, youll need a simple site up on that hosting account. WordPress will provide them to you for free. WordPress names their free websites, "blogs", and they use themes. They are so simple to create. You do not have to be fancy or perfect for now. It just has to be up.

Let me recommend that you at least obtain your personal name and hosting account at this moment! Here is the predicament if you fail to do this at this moment. .

It is because someone else may pick up your personal name for their domain!

The only solution to prevent this error is to secure your name right now. If nothing else, acquire it before another person secures your name.

Dave Lovett is a noted Internet and Online Network Marketing Professional. You can learn more about setting up your OWN NAME and HOSTING ACCOUNT at Simple step by step video instructions are available.