The Best Way How To Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend?
The Best Way How To Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend?

The Best Way How To Write Sorry Letter to Girlfriend?

Most guys have inadvertently said or done the wrong thing to get himself in trouble with his girlfriend. And because, when something can be taken two ways, the girl often picks the worst meaning, its not so hard for a guy to get into trouble. For example, youre girlfriend might have asked: "Honey do you think I should wear this tonight?" to which you may have replied - "I think your red dress would look better. And bingo- comes the left -field answer: "Oh, so you think I look fat?" And you land yourself a one-way ticket to the doghouse of the doomed, no going back, no undo, no reboot - youre now swirling down the vortex of the female wrath.

Now youre a deer in the headlights, and shes talking a mile a minute - as its all developing in slow motion - the female audio has been reduced to the sound of the teacher from Charlie Brown.. whah whah.. wha wah waahhh. .. Resulting in the mental formulation of the: - how to write sorry letter to girlfriend.

If youre not sure of what you did to make your girlfriend upset and shes not talking to you, heres a list of some of the things that might have brought it on:

- Forgetting an anniversary, birthday or other important date
- Being cheap
- Consistently forgetting to bring home the milk
- Being inconsiderate in general (toilet seat, empty milk, do the dishes etc.)
- Being impolite or disrespectful to her or others
- Forgetting to pick her up
- Calling her by another name
- Ogling or flirting with other women
- Being oblivious (she spills something over and you just stand there instead of getting paper towel)
- Being domineering or controlling
- Making her feel stupid or insignificant
- Odd noises, burping, belching, farting - being lazy
- Treating her like one of the boys
- Asking her to talk to you during the commercials - dont stand in front of the tv
- Joking about her weight, figure or boobs (ie: funbags)
- Insulted her cooking, cleaning, or domestic skills, etc.
- Double standards
- Blaming her for things shes not responsible for
- Groping her
- Comparing her to your mother, her mother or your last girlfriend
- Not noticing - new haircut, glasses, dress, etc.
- Buying gag gifts (dumb gifts); or appliances on a birthday - ie: washing machine or iron - or buying the present you wanted -the big screen TV for her birthday
- Playing hours on computer games when you promised to do something with her

Normally a woman will gets upset after noticing repeated behaviour of impoliteness or inconsiderateness. The sooner you can recognize your own shortcomings and deal with them, the better your chances of winning her back.

In your strategy of "How to write a sorry letter to girlfriend?" make sure you DO NOT do any of the following:

- Try to win an argument (insisting that youre right)
- Bulldoze her emotions - minimizing her opinions or feelings
- Blame her for things you could and should have handled yourself

Heres some guidelines for "How to write sorry letter to girlfriend":

- Identify with her feelings or at least try to
- Accept responsibility for anything youve done or shes implied that youve said or done
- Attach a gift that means something to her - that says I know you, I understand you, I appreciated you, and "I remembered because its important to you, and youre important to me" (if she prefers orchids, dont get roses; or get her that CD of HER favourite band; If she hates teddy bears dont get her one), maybe she likes perfume, etc... Flowers to the office - wins points with both girlfriend and her peers
- If she likes quality time together, then write a letter that includes an experience together or offer to create a new one that is romantic - not sexual
- Write a poem or song, words of appreciation or affection
- Leaving notes around - home, car; or clues for a scavenger hunt, show youve taken time to think about her and shows she is special to you
- Do little things she appreciates
- But if youve really messed up youll need to take her on a out and offer a gift that comes in an itty-bitty box such as diamonds earrings. Jewellery, diamonds especially cover many faux pas.

These ideas should provided you with enough tips to show you how to write sorry letter to girlfriend. Unless shes just written you off, almost any dog-house blunder can be forgiven if you can just learn to write it from the perspective of how she could be feeling. All the best!

Make sure to include a special gift such as diamond earrings along with you sorry letter to your girlfriend. Forget about the Sorry Letter Template you were hoping for and write it from the heart, in your own words. Girls have a built-in bull-dar, and will know if you you mean it or not.
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