The 80s Icons That changed The World Today
The 80s Icons That changed The World Today

The 80s Icons That changed The World Today

If you see a lot of hot pink, purple and orange mixed in with some lime green around you and theres a familiar one, two beat with a big boom box carried by a girl with a giant bang, then you are definitely in the 80s. The eighties were an expression of intellectually being creative and breaking out of the standard like the seventies were, but in a more exquisite way. They voiced the changes in socialization while expressing sexuality. There are several 80s icons that represent this mental condition which left the world a different place.

John Hughes flicks : The classic movies of director John Hughes will be recalled as a branch out to what teenagers experience in highschool, college and life generally. Though theyre mingled with humour, they represent the battle that many youths did and still go through in an exciting way. Hughes films showed clearly that teens were interested in their bodies, in each others bodies and something deeper which was discovering their significance in life.

Madonna : she is still around but Madonna was a flash of new in the 1980s when she appeared on the pop culture charts. Her music was fun and she was horny. This combo brought her to the pinnacle of the charts. What helped her stay there had been her no holes barred way of how she saw life and expressed herself in a graphic nature for this time like no one had dared to before.

Music : The music of the 80s icons had a particular beat. Any song that was preferred frequently had some variety of synthesizer in it. It also had a retrospective lag but still kept a 4 by four time. The music made it easy to dance to as disco died and 80s pop music emerged.

Michael Jackson : This is the decade that Michael Jackson grew up and went from being a lovable kid to a young man that had girls taking a second look all around the planet. He had an original beat to his music and original moves and popularised the moon walk move among others . Youngsters still emulate him today with his style and his look. His wardrobe also made him an 80s icon in the way everyone else copied his one glove look among other traits.

MTV : Now a chain of several stations MTV made its way onto the world with its first video aired in the 80s named suitably Video finished the Radio Star. Its correct and the arena of music has never been the same. This MTV was all music, catapulting the already famous into 80s icons around the planet. Before the physical world and real life shows you might tune into MTV and watch your favorite music videos twenty-four / 7.

Smurfs : Before Blue Man Group were the small blue Smurfs that made their way into everyones hearts no matter what age you were. These little fellows, plus one girl, lived in the world of mushroom homes and fought off their arch enemy in each episode. They each had a special characteristic and they laid the groundwork, like Star Wars in the 70s, to new selling fundamentals that are still used today becoming the first cartoon 80s icon.

With the help of our newly elected actor president Ronald Reagan in the 80s icons became a normal way of living. If we liked it we purchased it. If we enjoyed it we wore it. The eighties were colourful and fun yet at the same time made a mark on how we see life today. It is fun to look back and see the various fun and innocent years of the eighties as people branched out to enjoy life to wake us up before we go-go.