Tektite: The Telepathy Stone

Tektite: The Telepathy Stone

The name tektite comes from the Greek "tectos" which literally means "molten". This is a fitting name for tektite for they are a form of molten glass believed to have been created when meteorites that did not full burn up in the earths atmosphere hit the surface of earth. The high heat added to the heat produced from the impact itself, fused the remaining materials of the meteorite with the soil and plant materials it struck, creating the glass we know as Tektites.

Tektites are found in what are known as Strewnfields. This comes from the belief that the individual tektites are "strewn" out from the impact point where the meteorite impacted the earth. These fields tend to reach out from the impact point along the same path the meteorite was own when it impacted. By that I mean that a meteorite that was travel from the west when it impacted would have a strewnfield moving east of the impact point.

These strewnfields can be as large as 1000 miles long. There are 4 main strewnfields in the world and they account for the vast majority of tektites found. Occasionally a tektite will be found far away from any known strewnfield and it is assumed it was carried there by man for some reason.

The metaphysical properties of tektite are heavily involved with the psychic abilities. It is believed that tektite can help to improve the accuracy of and strength of all types of psychic abilities but it appears that telepathy is the area where it really shines.

The way you use tektite depends on what your goals are. Many seek to keep their tektite within their auric field almost constantly to get as much benefit as possible. Others believe that holding the tektite during a meditation session is the best course of action. This author believes whatever works for you personally is what you should do, plain and simple.

One of the areas of experimentation that is making headlines these days is through the use of "mated pairs" of tektites. Two tektites of similar size and shape are placed together within a crystal vortex for an amount time to charge and balance their energy fields. Two experimenters in different locations then attempt to send specific signs via telepathy while each is working with one of the mates.

The exact method of increasing the results is unknown at this point in time and further experimentation is needed to determine why or even if it works.

This method of experimentation should begin by using a fixed set of symbols such as those found in the zenner cards, thereby limiting the choices so that it is easier to establish a hit/miss ratio. Assuming 5 symbols are used in the trials, a 20% correct rate would be seen on average with nothing more than chance, however the higher above chance the trials go, the stronger the possibility that some type of telepathic communication is taking place.

A new group was recently established seeking to take the experimentation on these theories to a new level and is beginning a world wide experiment and is in need of participants.

If you are chosen to participate you will be asked to keep detailed records of your test trials and mail them in to the testing center about once a month. Specifically this group is using mated pairs of tektites which require you to work with the person who has the other mate to your tektite.

We will be keeping detailed records of each pair of tektite, who has them, the type and number of test trials being ran, any outside factors that might possibly affect the outcome of testing, including but not limited to weather, time of year, moon cycle etc., etc.

This may well be one of the largest and most detailed experiments into any type of psychic ability to ever be attempted and for that reason alone, we need a specific type of person to be involved and we expect members to follow strict guidelines.

All participants are expected to spend a minimum of 1 hour per month in testing with their partner. While no end date for the experiment has been set, we hope to keep testing for the long term and participants should be available for a minimum of 1 year it at all possible.

If this sounds like something that interests you, we urge you to read further details on our web site at: http://learn-telekinesis-training.com/tektite-group.php

Pamela Freeman aka Fern Owl is the owner of the Gemstone Dictionary of healing and magical uses of gemstones and Psychokinesis Training where you will find additional information on this Tektite Telepathy Group.