Christmas day will soon be on our doorsteps. With the tree decorated, the Christmas cards posted and the presents wrapped, its time to relax and enjoy every moment! Most would agree that the best part of Christmas day is the present opening ceremony followed by a lavish Christmas dinner. Succulent turkey, crisp roast potatoes and juicy Brussels sprouts; everything on the dining table is perfect...except of course the Christmas Crackers! Why is it theyre so expensive when all you get in them is a paper hat and a naff plastic toy? Okay so its quite fun to see what the Fortune Fish holds in store for you and maybe you get a minutes enjoyment from your dad wearing the clip on plastic earrings, but wouldnt you rather get a useful gift to open at the dining table? Dont throw away those crackers just yet; its all part of Christmas day festivities to make yourself look ridiculous in a paper hat while reading out a lame Why did the snowman cross the road joke! Find Me A Gift have got hundreds of dining table Christmas gifts, perfect as an accompaniment to the traditional cracker.

Table presents can add that personal touch to the Christmas dinner table. So instead of your mum having to settle for a miniature screwdriver kit, why dont you surprise her with something feminine and useful? The Lipstick Pen is the perfect accessory for any handbag! This fabulous miniature pen has a black and gold plastic case and a red lipstick lid. It certainly makes a change from a tatty old biro and measuring approximately 10 x 2 x 2 cm, its an ideal gift for mum to open after all that cooking!

Buying gifts for your dad is always tricky. When you ask him what he wants he just shrugs his shoulders, which isnt much help! Hes always losing his car keys so why dont you help him out of this ongoing situation with a nice keyring? The Top Gear Stig Keyring is a miniature version of the Stig on a handy key ring. Dressed head to toe in a white racing suit, surely the Stig will stand out against the kitchen worktop or the bottom of the kitchen drawer! Measuring approximately 7 x 3 x 0.5 cm, the Top Gear Stig Keyring is a stylish and useful table present for your pops!

So that just leaves your ever fidgeting little brother. Make work for his idle thumbs and keep him quiet at the table with the Magic Sketch Keyring! Like a miniature Etch-A-Sketch, this retro keyring will keep your little brother occupied for hours. And if he makes a mistake on his masterpiece, all he has to do is shake the keyring to start again. Its much more entertaining than the standard number slide puzzle and its small enough to hide in a pocket when its time to say grace!

With the whole family covered, make sure you dont forget to drop some hints for what youd like as your table present. Find Me A Gift have hundreds of xmas gift ideas just perfect for personalising this years Christmas feast!

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