Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope

Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope

The Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope is a cross between a laser pointer and an incredible kaleidoscopic laser show in your hand! It has a diffraction grating at the end, which splits the laser beam into over 100 separate beams of green laser light and just like the old kaleidoscopes you can twist it to give you a constantly changing amazing laser star light show.

You can project the Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope onto any surface for amazing laser star effects whether you are at a party, club or just sat around bored at home. The diffraction grating unscrews, so whether you are looking for a green laser pointer or a laser show, the choice is yours. We tried this amazing little gadget out and were astounded by how far the light reaches.

We shone ours into our huge warehouse and it filled with jumping stars and fireworks effect with the twist of the lens ring! The beautiful green stars would have travelled a lot further if we were outside on a cloudy night. Just by twisting the lens ring you can create a number of effects and the further the range, the better the spread of laser stars! Easy to slip on to a suit pocket or pop into a bag, the Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope can be taken anywhere to dazzle and enthral an audience or just one of your mates.

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Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope

The Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscopes are compact and beautifully styled in a heavy duty, matt black casing

Simply twist the front lens ring and the Green Laser Stars will fill any room with a pattern of green dots that change like a kaleidoscope when you turn the ring

The laser wave length is 532nm and laser output <30mW Class IIIB

The green laser pen is powered by 2 x AAA batteries (not included) which can be found here

The Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope measures approx 16.5cm x 2 cm x 2 cm

The presentation box measures approx 8 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm

This laser pointer kaleidoscope is a fantastically unique gadget for ages 13 to 130, it safer than a normal laser pointer because the diffraction grating splits the green laser into more than 100 less powerful beams of light!

This simple, yet sophisticated little gadget comes in a presentation box, complete with spaces to hold 2 x AAA batteries. Our Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope makes a fantastic gift whatever the occasion! Why not create a magical stir at a Harry Potter party or dazzle your family in the front room with a mini light show? Got hundreds of things to point at on the white board at your meeting? Have no fear, this green laser pointer can point at everything and much more! Who cares what the boring meeting was about, this laser pen is heaps more fun! Wow your friends at a night time BBQ and project a galaxy of stars across the back of your house. Why not try it on low cloud at night to create your own starry night sky or in a dark forest to fill it with fairy lights and fire flies at the touch of a button.

Whats in the Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope Pen presentation box?

1 x Green Laser Stars Kaleidoscope (batteries not included)

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