A Plan To Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back To You

A Plan To Make Your Ex Come Crawling Back To You

Breakups are never easy. Your emotions range from hating your ex one minute for leaving you to overwhelming love and devotion for them the next. But what can you do? You are in love with your partner and you just want another chance...another opportunity to make things right and start over.

Even if your ex wont talk with you right now there is a way to re initiate contact with them and start the wheels in motion that will bring them back to you. These methods will require you to do a few difficult things...one of which is to do nothing for a while.

Thats right...you need to do absolutely nothing for a while. I know this sounds crazy but if you have been trying to talk things through with them and trying to contact them after the breakup you have actually been making things worse. I know that this is going to be difficult for you but you need to give them some time and space right now. This is essential for this to work so, if you have been calling or texting or emailing them...let me put it bluntly; knock it off!

This time apart should be used for you to start getting yourself back together again in preparation for them coming back to you. You dont want them to see you depressed and malnourished. You need to look your best when that time comes which means you have to start eating right again, sleeping at least 8 hours a day and at least appear happy. The happy part? Youre might have to fake it until you make it so rent some funny movies or even better, go out to see a funny movie that you have been waiting to see.

You see, when your ex does come back to you they are going to get the impression that you are doing well. You are ok and in fact, you are quite happy. And you really should be happy. Youre going to win them back, arent you? So what is there to be sad or upset about?

During this separation you should do a few of the things that you have always wanted to do. It could be something as simple as going on a little shopping spree. Buy yourself a gift. It could be some new clothes that will make you look different and really put together when they see you for the first time. It could be a new wide screen TV or even a short vacation to the beach to clear your mind and get some sun.

Now...once you have put some time between yourself and the breakup, typically a month or so...you are going to re initiate contact with your ex through text message. You are going to send them a quick message that simply says "I was thinking of you and wanted to make sure you are ok and I think you were right about splitting up. I have" and just end it there. Dont complete the sentence. Chances are you will get a response from them asking what you "have" and wanting to know what the rest of the sentence was.

They may not reply back right away. It may take them a few hours to days to reply back but usually curiosity will get the better of them. They also might try to find out what is going on in your life through mutual friends. Especially if you are happy all the time and looking great.

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